5 Good Reasons to Sponsor a Dog

5 Good Reasons to Sponsor a Dog

Life As A Pet Parent

Many people love dogs but for one reason or another cannot keep a pet in their homes. It could be their lifestyle would just not suit keeping a pet dog or it could be they suffer from allergies and dog hairs make their condition that much worse. Maybe living in an apartment in town is the reason you don't want to bring a dog into your home, but whatever the reason if you love dogs but just cannot own one, then why not think about sponsoring a dog that cannot be re-homed or adopted?

Dog Rescue Centres All Over the Country

There are so many animal charities located around the country and they rescue hundreds if not thousands of unwanted dogs every year. Sadly the number of dogs needing good new homes is on the increase too. It could be that owners have passed away or it could be their circumstances changed which means they can no longer after their much loved family pet. Again for whatever reason many dogs end up in rescue centres that are dotted around the whole of the UK.

Some of these rescue centres are massive affairs whereas others are much smaller concerns but their one aim is always the same and this is to make sure a dog is well looked after and has everything they need to stay safe whilst in their care. A lot of dogs do find new owners and are lucky enough to spend the rest of their lives in a loving family environment – but there are many who always get left behind. Have you ever wondered what happens to these lovely creatures?

1. What Happens to TheDogs That Get Left Behind

Sadly, many of the rescued dogs that end up in shelters and rescue centres are older – they are the senior citizens of the canine world which makes them harder to re-home. Some of these lovely creatures may even have certain health conditions which makes it hard to find them new homes simply because many people worry about having to take care of them.

There are other reasons why some dogs do not get chosen by people – maybe they are not 'cute' enough or maybe they have suffered a terrible injury that's left them scarred for life both physically and emotionally. But for whatever reason these lovely creatures do not get chosen by people to take home with them, they still need to be looked after in the best way possible – they still need all the love and attention they deserve.

2. Did You Know That Dog Shelters Rely Totally on Donations

Dog rescue centres much like any other animal shelter, rely totally on the kindness of people who donate whatever money they can for the centres to survive. Whether it's a big dog charity or a small one, the only way these loving centres can exist is by people donating money to their good causes, which is to rescue a dog and offer the animal a place where they will be well taken care of.

3. Veterinary Fees Can be High

This of course, means that some of the dogs may need immediate veterinary attention which can cost a lot of money. On top of this there is the daily expense of feeding and keeping the dogs in the shelters in the best conditions possible. Many people who work in dog rescue centres do so as volunteers but others are paid to clean out kennels, walk and exercise the dogs on a daily basis and to play with them so the dogs live happy and healthy lives.

4. Sponsoring a Dog is Fantastic

If you choose to sponsor a dog because you love man's best friend but just cannot have one in your home, you will be doing so much to help not only the dog but the rescue centre too. The goal of any dog shelter is to take good care of each and every animal they take in – and there are so many of them. Every penny counts which means dog rescue centres and shelters can continue their fantastic work.

5. The Feel Good Factor

As a sponsor, you get all sorts of goodies and there are some wonderful benefits you will enjoy. Many of the rescue centres will never put a healthy dog to sleep and this means that even if they cannot find a new home, the sponsorship schemes rescue centres run helps with the costs of keeping all dogs safe in a place where they will always be taken care of. For as little as £1 per week, you can sponsor a loving dog who needs long term care in a shelter – but not only are you helping the one dog, you are helping all the dogs that are being taken of by the shelters.

Most of the rescue centres use the minimum amount of money donated on administration costs – the majority of the money goes to looking after the dogs so they can lead happy and content lives, getting a much needed second chance. The best part is you get to be involved when you receive lots of updates on how the dog you sponsored is getting on. You'll get fridge magnets and lots of other things with photos and images of your chosen dog and if you have children, they too can get involved and keep up to date with how their sponsored four legged friend is doing.

Keen to Find Out More?

If you want to find out more about how to sponsor a dog, the best place to look is on the Internet or to contact dog rescue centres in your area. Like this you can find out all you need to know about sponsoring a dog that needs your help.

Many dogs that don't easily find homes have been badly treated and because of this, they are incredibly nervous around strangers and people they do not know. For this reason when sponsoring a dog, it means you can't actually go to the rescue centres to interact with them in person – even if on their forms it says they are 'visitable'. This usually means you would be welcomed to visit the shelter but not to actually interact with the dog you have chosen to sponsor – however, you do get to see them which is a wonderful feel good experience!



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