5 Great Dog Breeds to Share Your Retirement Years With

5 Great Dog Breeds to Share Your Retirement Years With

Life As A Pet Parent

Dogs are wonderful companions and for the last few years many of them have been introduced in hospitals so they can visit patients and sick children as therapy dogs. There are certain breeds which boast wonderfully kind and patient natures, namely Labradors and cute looking spaniels. Just by having these gentle and affectionate dogs around, people who have to spend any time in hospital recovering from an illness, can benefit so much from their prescence.

If you are about to retire and would like the company of a little four-legged friend to share your home with, these loyal creatures are always there for you at any time of the night or day. However, there are certain things you need to think about if you are thinking about getting a dog for yourself or for an older relative to keep them company so they are never alone.

Smaller Breeds are a Better Choice

Size is an important factor simply because a larger dog might accidentally knock an older person over. However, too small and you might end up tripping over their little canine friend. This means choosing a dog that is somewhere in-between but one which is not too heavy to be picked up or have sitting on your lap when it's cuddle time.

Low Energy Levels are Preferable

Dogs which boast lower energy levels are preferable to small to medium sized dogs that like to be kept busy all of the time. Think more couch potato like a delightful French Bulldog or a charming Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Dogs That Love Children are a Must

The chances are grandchildren will be visiting on a regular basis which means it is essential to choose a dog that loves to be around small people. There are many breeds that are patient and tolerant when kids get a bit noisy and boisterous – something which they often do. Many little dogs like Jack Russels might be the ideal size but they can be a little snappy around children which is something you have to watch out for.

Health Issues Need to be Taken into Account

The other thing you need to think about are any health issues that certain breeds are prone to suffer from. The last thing you want is to have to cope with a little four-legged friend that is going to get sick a little further down the line. A lot of pedigree breeds do tend to suffer from congenital health issues whereas mongrels are usually a lot more robust health-wise.

Older Dogs are a Better Choice

It is also a better idea to get an older dog rather than a younger one simply because their energy levels will be lower and with an adult dog, any health issues should already be apparent so there would be no unwelcome surprises later on.

Visit a Few Rescue Centres

It is also a very good idea to get in touch with a few dog rescue centres to see if you can't offer an older dog a second chance to live out the remainder of their lives happily with you or an older relative who would be delighted to have the company of a canine friend and share their home with them.

Below are 5 breed suggestions which could be ideal choices of pedigree dogs that would make the perfect four-legged friend to share your retirement years with.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi

If you are an active person who is looking for a four-legged companion to match your love of the great outdoors, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi might fit the bill perfectly. These lovely little dogs boast charming and affectionate characters. They are clever, very determined with a tendency to be a little strong-willed but with this said they are low maintenance when it comes to grooming. Sharing your home with one of these smart looking dogs will mean you can get out and about for lots of daily walks which these little canines really adore.

The French Bulldog

Although French Bulldogs are a brachycephalic breed, they are however, one of the nicest natured little characters on the planet and as such make the perfect companion for an older person. Well bred French Bulldogs will suffer less from any health issues, so it is always really important to contact a reputable breeder if you are thinking about offering one a new home. If you are not able to get around as much as you used to – this little dog is the perfect choice because they are not demanding at all when it comes to getting lots of exercise.

However, you need to watch their diets carefully because they do have a tendency to put on weight too easily, being the real couch potatoes that they are! The other thing you need to be aware of, is that French Bulldogs do have a habit of snoring when they sleep!

The Poodle

Poodles are one of the most popular family pets on the planet and are especially good with older people. These personable characters are clever, easy to train and have a great sense of humour. The other advantage of this charming breed is they are considered as being low-shedders which means they are very easy maintenance and would just need regular clips at a grooming parlour. If you live in an apartment, a Toy Poodle could be the perfect companion or you might even prefer a Miniature Poodle because they need very little exercise. The one thing all Poodles love is interacting with their owners which is one of their most endearing traits.

The Schipperke

The Schipperke is a sturdy little dog that's very cute and makes a wonderful companion that would keep you entertained for hours on end. The breed was originally bred in Belgium to chase down rats on ships. If you 're retired but love the great outdoors and spending as much time outside enjoying the countryside, this little dog will be there at your side every minute of the time. However, you'd need to keep them on a lead because they will chase anything they come across – including squirrels.

The Maltese

The Maltese is another very popular pet that is an ideal companion for older people. They are very cute, especially when they are clipped and they like nothing better than spending as much time as they can with their owners – they are the perfect lap dog and will keep you happy and entertained all through the day and evenings too!


There are many pedigree breeds as well as mongrels that would make the perfect companion for older people to share their homes with. The five breeds mentioned above are just a few of them which you might like to consider and find out more about. You could visit a few rescue centres where you will find lots of gorgeous adult pedigree dogs and all of them are looking for a new and loving home, or you may decide to contact a reputable breeder but either way, the one thing you can be sure of, is that you'll have a constant and loyal companion by your side.

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