5 ways to involve your furry friend in all the festive fun

5 ways to involve your furry friend in all the festive fun

Life As A Pet Parent

The holiday season is the time to unwind and spend time with your loved ones, drinking at least one hot chocolate a day and enjoying home-cooked meals to the smell and sound of Christmas.

If you have a pet, they’re most likely already eying up the fridge full of food and piles of presents under the tree! Your dog may not have a seat at the table for Christmas dinner (or maybe they do!) but there are plenty of ways to involve them in the festivities and make sure they enjoy the occasion just as much as you do.

It’s time for a new toy

is your dog crazy for teddies or love nothing more than catching a ball? There are lots of Christmas-themed goodies to buy this time of year or why not create your own? A plastic bottle wrapped in a sock or festive fabric will create crunching sounds to keep your dog curious (be sure to supervise them at all times!)

Start a new family tradition

There is nothing better than wrapping up warm and going for a long relaxing stroll before the hustle and bustle of Christmas Day. Why not go for an adventure on Christmas Eve? Take your dog somewhere new and enjoy the time outdoors as a family.

Christmas dinner

It’s only fair that your dog gets to taste all the delicious food they have been watching you cook all day! It is safe for dogs to eat prepared boneless turkey, potatoes, and veggies including: steamed or boiled green beans, broccoli or brussel sprouts- but make sure they don’t have access to cooked bones, gravy, garlic, onions, or bulb vegetables. We know the drill, but keep them away from the sweet stuff too – chocolate, mince pies, nuts, and desserts.

A new festive accessory

Outerwear for our dogs such as coats and jackets should be used to keep them warm and dry from the winter weather. Breeds such as whippets and greyhounds will welcome an added layer when out and about but that doesn't mean you can’t add a festive feature to their garment. Treat them to a Christmas-themed bandana or a collar and matching lead.

Give them some time to relax

We know our pups love nothing more than staying by our side but when things start to get a little busy over the Christmas period make sure they have their own quiet and safe place to take some time out. Keep their bed in its normal place and keep activity around their ‘safe space’ to a minimum. If that’s not possible, put a comfy blanket and bed in another area of your home that you know they like to rest in. You may be thankful for taking some time out with your dog too!

Have a pawesome Christmas!



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