6 Breeds of Cat That Love Water

6 Breeds of Cat That Love Water

Breed Facts

Cats have a reputation for not being particularly fond of water. They are known more for the fact they love lounging around on warm windowsills, owners laps and cosy corners around the home. However, there are a few breeds which adore playing in and around water which includes pawing at taps that drip, drinking from a running tap and even taking a shower with the people they love. Some pussy cats will even get in a swimming pool and do a couple of laps with you whenever they can!

Below are a few cat breeds that show a great interest and fondness for all things watery which keeps their owners very amused!

The American Shorthair

The American Shorthair has become one of the most popular breeds around. They are agile felines and they just love being around water. An American Shorthair will scoop out the water out of their bowls with their paws until they are empty leaving just a wet mess on your kitchen floor. These adorable looking cats also adore perching on the edge of a tub as you take a bath and think nothing of joining you when you take a shower. Always full of surprises, the American Shorthair will keep you amused for hours on end with their antics around water!

The Turkish Van

The delightfully funny Turkish Van is often referred to as the "swimming cat" and if stories are to be believed, this is the cat that joined Noah on his ark only to jump off and swim ashore to land which is now known as Turkey. In order to keep cool, this charming feline then swam in Lake Van. The story might be a little far fetched, but Turkish Vans will play and swim in shallow water. Some owners have found their pets using their paws to turn on taps to keep themselves amused and using the toilet bowl as their personal swimming pool!

The Bengal

Bengals are extremely smart cats both looking and intelligence wise! They are real hunters but they much prefer to chase down their prey in water – this includes hunting an ice cube down in a glass of water. If you have a bath with any floating ducks or other bath toys in there with you – a Bengal will stalk them and may even jump in the bath with you to catch their prey. The one thing you cannot do is shut a Bengal out of your bathroom because they will soon let you know they "want in" by howling and scratching at the door. One game they adore is being sprayed with a shower head – which might be messy but great fun!

The Turkish Angora

Turkish Angoras are wonderful looking felines with long silky bodies and coats. They are busy characters that just love playing around with water. They think nothing of taking a shower with their owners and will empty a wash basin with their paws just for fun. As soon as a Turkish Angora hears water running, they will be there like a shot! When outside, some of these funny pussy cats will even take a paddle around in a shallow pond terrorising your gold fish!

The Maine Coon

Maine Coons are gorgeous looking felines – they are the gentle giants of the cat world with their lovely shaggy coats. If there is one thing a Maine Coon adores, it's being in and around water! They are experts when it comes to scooping water up with their front paws which they do when they are thirsty – however, one of their favourite drinking bowls tends to be the toilet. This can be a bit of an issue because it can get pretty slippery and messy which means making sure you always leave the lid on your toilet down – this clever feline has not figure out how to lift toilet lids (yet!).

The American Bobtail

These adorable felines are often referred to as the "Golden Retrievers" of the cat world because they simply adore anything to do with water. They will happily play with their toys in water and have been known to dunk them on purpose just so they can. American Bobtails are gorgeous cats that just love being around the people and other family pets. American Bobtails have other dog like traits which includes following owners around just like their canine counterparts and love being taken out for a walk – on leads!


There are some gorgeous cats around and all of them are real characters to share your home with. Cats may be aloof and independent at times, but they are also great comedians and incredibly affectionate creatures. The 6 breeds mentioned above are exceptionally clever felines that stand out from the rest because they adore anything to do with water whether it's spending time emptying out a wash basin or joining their owners in the bath and shower which they gladly do!

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