6 Dog Breeds known to be good with Children

6 Dog Breeds known to be good with Children

If you have kids and would like to share your home with a canine companion, there are many breeds to choose from which means doing a little research before making your final decision. Luckily there are some very children-tolerant breeds, an important factor because kids tend to play “rough” until they are taught how to behave around a canine friend.

Below is a list of breeds which are known for their kind, predictable and gentle natures. They might not be the most active dogs on the planet, but their tolerance, good looks and exceptional kindness more than make up for this. The Bulldog is one breed in particular that is superb with children all of ages with an added bonus of them getting along with other animals and pets too. Other breeds worth considering include the following:

The Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier has in the past been given a bit of unjustified bad press although they were bred to be companion dogs and boast a pleasant, nurturing nature when they are around children and adults too. They’re the perfect choice for families with children because of their tolerance around energetic and often noisy children. Sharing your home with a Bull Terrier is not only fun and entertaining, but these calm characters are brilliantly behaved when you’re teaching the kids how to behave around dogs.

The Collie

Collies are adorable dogs and over the years thanks to the wonderful “Lassie” films, kids all over the world have come to recognise and love these gorgeous looking, shaggy dogs. You won’t go far wrong with Collies because they tend to be so predictable and seldom are they aggressive which makes them the perfect choice as a family pet. They become loyal family members that learn to protect the people and children they have bonded with. The other great thing about the breed is that although they are high maintenance in the grooming department, they are not high-energy characters and are quite independent by nature, which means they don’t normally mind being left on their own although this should never be for extended periods of time.

The Newfoundland

Although a larger than life character, the Newfoundland is a gentle giant and one that behaves super-well when they are around children. Yet another breed that made their name in many movies, the Newfoundland is often referred to as “nature's babysitter”. They are wonderfully gentle and extremely patient, which is great news if you have energetic or hyperactive children. The Newfoundland takes most things in their stride when the kids get hectic. However, because of their sheer size they may just knock toddlers over albeit by pure accident, but it could end up scaring the child which is something to be avoided at all costs, as such supervision is essential when they are playing with the kids as it has to be with any dog.

The Vizsla

For families with children who lead busy, active lives, the Vizsla could be the perfect choice of family pet. Although not among the more commonly found breeds, these lovely dogs are very kind characters that enjoy nothing more than being in the great outdoors. If there is one thing these guys don't lack, it is loads of energy. However, they are known to be very kind and gentle by nature, especially when they are around children. They are also very loyal and because they are so intelligent they are quick to learn new things, something they really enjoy. As a family pet, the Vizsla tends to form a very strong bond with the people they love and more especially the younger members, a trait that makes them all the more endearing.

The Irish Setter

It goes without saying that Irish Setters are stunning to look at with their glorious red coats and elegant statures. They boast very playful, lively natures and are especially good around children. However, they are not couch potatoes because they need to be given a ton of exercise to be truly happy. They are also very clever dogs which means they tend to be easy to train with the added advantage of them loving to please. If there’s one thing a Red Setter loves, it’s to play interactive games with the kids, but games need to be supervised because things could get a bit boisterous which may well result in the kids being knocked over in the process albeit by accident.

The Labrador Retriever

It would be a mistake not include the lovely and reliable Labrador Retriever in this list because they are among the most popular family pets on the planet. They are exceptionally good around children and love nothing more than spending time with the kids playing all sorts of interactive games with them. These calm and gentle dogs are very tolerant even when children play a little roughly and noisily which they often do. The only thing you have to watch is that the kids don’t give your pet too many “goodies” of you could end up with an overweight albeit very happy pooch!


There are many glorious dog breeds on the planet and all of them are quite unique. However, if you have children there are certain breeds which are more tolerant when they are around kids putting up with rougher play, ear pulling and other things that children tend to do before they learn the “rules” of how to behave around a four-legged pal. No matter how good natured and kind a dog might be, playtime should always be supervised just in case a child gets knocked over by accident as they frolic around which may end up with them in tears and a tad scared of dogs.

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