6 simple ways to save cash when caring for your dog

6 simple ways to save cash when caring for your dog


Owning a dog can be an expensive proposition, and when you factor in the lifelong costs including all of the vaccinations, veterinary care and even the bedding and accessories that dogs need, owning a dog and caring for it properly is not something that can really be done on the cheap! That being said, the actual cost of dog ownership can vary significantly depending on a whole range of factors, including things like the size of your dog, their breed, and even where you live.

However, there are a whole range of different options for most things when it comes to buying what your dog needs, which can often range in price across a fairly broad spectrum-which gives you the chance to potentially save some cash!

In this article, we will look at six simple ways to save cash when caring for your dog, covering both one-off or occasional expenses, and day to day care. Read on to learn more.

Dog beds

Buying a nice new bed for your dog can cost less than £20 if you have a small dog, but even medium sized dogs like the Labrador retriever or boxer need fairly large beds to rest easily and stay comfortable! Buying a well-made, well cushioned bed for a large or giant breed that will go the distance and not fall apart within a couple of months can run to £50 or even more, which is a lot of money to have to come up with if your dog really needs a new nest!

Buying a more expensive, good quality bed can enable you to save money in the long term, as it is apt to be more hardwearing-but pretty much any product aimed at pet owners is likely to be more costly than an equivalent product, and some money-saving alternatives to buying a plush new dog bed include buying a camping mat and a child’s size sleeping bag, or other alternatives that cost a lot less!

Homemade treats

Too many treats can definitely cause your dog to pile on the pounds, but treats can also be a very useful training aid and to encourage your dog to work harder, or reward them for being good! Dog treats from the shops can cost anything from £1 to nearer £5 for a bag depending on the brand and ingredients, and if you’re getting through a couple of bags a week, the cost can soon add up!

One way to save cash and also provide a range of other advantages such as knowing exactly what is in your dog’s treats and how many calories they contain is to make your own-and this can be done quickly and cheaply at home, by following one of the many popular recipes online.

Veterinary subscription schemes

The annual cost of preventative veterinary care such as vaccinations and flea and worming treatments for dogs can all be rather costly, and this is one area of pet care where you really cannot cut corners or skimp on getting your dog the best. However, this doesn’t mean that there are not ways to save on the actual financial cost of these things, and many veterinary clinics run schemes and incentives for dog owners, to help them to cover the costs. What is on offer will of course vary from clinic to clinic, but as subscription schemes and similar set-ups become more common, more and more vets will offer alternatives.

Some clinics will offer schemes to spread the cost of your annual boosters and flea and worming treatments throughout the year, others may offer ongoing % discounts for a small sign-up fee, and some larger chain clinics offer “preventative care for life” schemes, where for a one-off fee of around £100, your dog will be able to receive their annual booster vaccines for the entire duration of their life, without having to pay again in the years to come.

Sign up for special offers

Nobody really enjoys getting a lot of email spam in the form of marketing newsletters and other promotional materials, but if you shop online for your dog food and other dog care accessories, it can be worth signing up for newsletters from some of the main sites, as they often offer incentives for you to do so.

Signing up for the newsletter will often earn you a one-off discount on your order when you sign up, and also, mean that you may receive more vouchers and discounts later on.

Additionally, some of the big online pet stores offer loyalty schemes and bonus points systems too, so it is worth shopping around!

Buy in bulk

Buying your dog food in bulk will often allow you to make a significant saving over the cost of buying smaller quantities of food more frequently, providing that you have the room to store the extra! Once more, shop around to find the best deal, and buy up your dog food in bulk to save yourself some money.

Buy quality, buy once!

It is also worth mentioning that buying the cheapest version of any given item can be a false economy, as a collar or lead that costs half the price of another won’t save you anything if it snaps within a week! Investing a little extra money in buying good quality products that are fit for purpose and made to last will actually save you money in the long run too.

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