7 Cat Breeds that Boast Dog-like Personalities

7 Cat Breeds that Boast Dog-like Personalities

Cats are brilliant animals to share a home with because in general they are less high maintenance than their canine cousins. However, there are a few breeds which although pretty independent by nature, often act more like dogs than cats. They have big personalities and looks to match and they are not generally afraid of being demonstrative or vocal either. Sharing a home with one of the cats listed below can be extremely entertaining.

The Elegant Abyssinian

The Abyssinian cat is known to be a friendly, outgoing character and unlike many other breeds, they actually enjoy splashing around in water whenever they can. They tend to be a little bit clingy and love following owners around the house. Just like their canine cousins they enjoy going out for a walk and have no objections to wearing a harness and lead. The downside is they become unhappy to the point of being depressed when they are left on their own for any length of time which is all part of their clinginess!

The Beautiful Bombay

These gorgeous pussy cats are extremely laid back characters by nature. The Bombay is extremely intelligent which means they are easy to train and can be taught all sorts of tricks. They love playing interactive games much like a dog with a favourite one being “fetch”. The Bombay is another breed that really does enjoy going out for a walk on a lead and much like a dog they are always ready to be the first to greet anyone who arrives at your door.

The Charming Chartreux

The Chartreux is a highly intelligent feline as well as being athletic making them naturals when it comes to competing in agility. Many owners clicker train their pets much in the same way as you would a dog. However, these charming pussy cats really don't like being left on their own and crave human company to be truly happy which makes them a little more high maintenance than your average moggy.

The Lovely Manx

The delightful Manx boasts many dog-like traits and they adore being around people. They are also known to be very good with children making them a great choice as family pets. Being highly intelligent, the Manx is easy to train and enjoy playing interactive games like fetch much like their canine cousins. Lots of owners teach their pets to do all sorts of tricks and because they are so eager to please they learn things quickly. They are “busy” characters and like to be doing things which means they do tend to get bored if they are left to their own devices for too long!

The Delightful Ocicat

Although wild looking, the Ocicat is a real softie and a very intelligent one at that. These lovely looking felines form very strong bonds with the people they love and are renowned for being great around strangers too. Being so clever, the Ocicat is easy to train and very quick to learn. Just like dogs, they like going out for a walk on a lead and there's nothing they enjoy more than an energetic game of fetch!

The Extraordinary Sphynx

The Sphynx is well known for their outgoing personalities, they are loving and loyal by nature which means they adore being around people. They can be a little demanding because they do crave lots of attention all of the time. Sharing your home with a Sphynx cat is very similar to having a dog around because there's nothing these felines enjoy more than to follow you around the home. They like to be involved in everything and just like a dog the Sphynx will wag their tail to show you they are happy!

The Gorgeous Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is a very elegant looking feline and they are well known for the charming and loving personalities which is why they make such good family pets. They are clever pussy cats and because of this they need lots of stimulation to keep them happy. The busier a Turkish Angora is, the happier they are and just like a dog, they really enjoy taking part in agility training.


All cats are unique no matter what breed they happen to be. However, the breeds listed above have dog-like personalities and really enjoy doing “un-cat” like things which includes going out for a walk on lead. Some like splashing around in water much like a Cocker Spaniel or Retriever whereas others love agility training just like many breeds of dog namely the Border Collie. If you are looking for a breed of cat that will keep you busy and one that loves being taken out for a walk, then choosing to share your home with one of the above might fit the bill perfectly!



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