7 Gorgeous Breeds of Colourpoint Cats

7 Gorgeous Breeds of Colourpoint Cats

There are so many gorgeous looking cats in the world that choosing the right breed to share your home with can be pretty hard. Cats are wonderful creatures with some boasting a passion for hearing the sound of their own voices which is especially true of the Siamese, one of the more talkative felines around. Other cats just sit silently close by looking beautiful.

It goes without saying that the Siamese is a handsome breed having a very distinct coat described as “colourpoint”. Their bodies are a lighter colour whereas their extremities are a lot darker. Colourpoint cats have darker faces, ears, feet and tails which adds to their overall good looks and endearing appeal. Other breeds that boast these markings include the following.

The Munchkin Cat

Munchkins have to be among the cutest pussy cats on the planet with their short legs and lovely personalities. They are pretty rare and very unique felines that can either have long or short coats. They first appeared on the scene back in the 80s although they were around in the forties, but it was only later that people started to seriously breed these cute cats. Their colouration is is often referred to as “seal point”too, but they are without a doubt beautiful little pussy cats that are great fun to have around.

The Himalayan cat

Very similar looking the gorgeous Persian cat, the Himalayan is another very beautiful blue-eyed cat that has become one of the most popular to have as a family pet. They boast superb long coats with darker faces, ears, paws and tails which makes their stunning blue eyes even more striking. The Himalayan makes a wonderful pet because they boast such friendly and calm natures having inherited many of the traits of the Siamese and Persian which are their parent breeds.

The Siamese Cat

Probably the most recognised colourpoint feline on the planet, the Siamese cat has been one of the most popular breeds the world over for decades. These lovely pussy cats are extremely talkative characters and incredibly loyal to the people they love. They say that once a person has shared a home with a Siamese cat, they would never dream of owning any other breed. However, if you are not the sort of person who adores spending as much of your free time as possible with your pet, the Siamese might not be the best choice of feline companions for you because they can be a little demanding.

The Ragdoll

Another gorgeously cute pussy cat, the Ragdoll boasts the bluest of blue eyes and a very distinctive ultra soft and silky colourpoint coat. To complete the picture, they boast lovely personalities and are very kind by nature which makes them all the more endearing. When picked up, these delightful cats tend to go completely limp in your arms, hence their name.

They are quiet and calm, loving felines and there's nothing they like more than to lounge around in the warm rather than be out in the cold. As such, you need to keep an eye on their weight to make sure they don't put on too many pounds which could trigger some unwanted health issues.

The Birman

Often confused with the Burmese cat, the Birman is a breed all of their own and a magnificent looking feline at that. Their splendid colourpoint markings and stunning blue eyes together with the sweet, kind natures has made them one of the more popular choices as family pets.

Although their faces, ears and tails are darker coloured, they tend to have lovely white gloves on their paws which again, makes them stand out from the crowd and it adds to their overall appeal making them one of the prettiest cats on the planet.

The Javanese Cat

The Javanese is a truly gorgeous and proud looking pussy cat that boasts a lovely colourpoint coat. Much like their Balinese cousins, they boast lovely personalities being extremely playful and loyal. They are also pretty vocal loving the sound of their own voices.

However, they do love to be around people and not that happy when left to their own devices for too long which makes them pretty demanding pussy cats to have around. But with this said if you love spending time with your pet, a Javanese might fit the bill perfectly and they will keep you amused and entertained for hours.

The Tonkinese

Tonkinese cats are gorgeous and much like their cousins both the Siamese and the Burmese, they boast lovely colourpoint markings which are matched only by their wonderfully gregarious personalities. The breed first appeared in Canada and have over the years made a serious impact on the cat world becoming one of the more popular breeds to have as a family pet due to their very kind natures.

They are cute, loving and extremely playful loving nothing more than to play interactive games with their owners whenever they can. Sharing a home with a Tonkinese feline companion is a real pleasure!


Colourpoint pussy cats are stunning to look at and each of the breeds mentioned above boasts gorgeous markings whether they have long or short coats. Some have darker faces and the bluest of blue eyes, others have dark points on their ears, faces and tails but their feet are white which adds to their endearing appearance. The one constant is that these felines are not only exotic to look at, but they are very unique characters too!



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