7 Great Ways a Cat Shows Their Affection

7 Great Ways a Cat Shows Their Affection

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Cats can often be aloof at times and they do have a tendency to disappear for hours on end when they want to. However, this doesn't mean they do not love you, it's just that pussy cats have their own unique way of showing their love and affection for the people who look after them. If you're a first time cat owner, you need to bear in mind that your little furry feline friend is pretty much like a child who never actually grows up and one that will love to play and interact with you for years to come.

Cats have some lovely ways of showing their affection and the more they do, they more you get to bond with them in some quite amusing ways some of which are mentioned below.

The Friendly and Affectionate Head Bump

Cats love to bump heads with you, it's their way of saying a big "hello" and a fantastic way for them to leave a bit of their scent on the people they greet which they do by rubbing the glands located just in front of their ears on them. You may think you are the "head honcho" in the home, but in reality your feline friend sees you as part of their clan.

Kneading Away on Your Lap

Cats love to curl up with the people they love and all too often you will be treated to a bit of kneading – claws and all! Cats do this when they are happy although some people think that if kittens are taken away from their mum too early it's one of the behaviours they develop which makes it sort of comfort thing.

A Gritty Lick

Cats have quite abrasive tongues and are not generally known for licking people. However, when a cat licks you they are in fact "grooming" you whilst at the same time claiming you as their own. Their gritty licks are a show of their love and affection although you may think your feline friend is treating you to an exfoliation!

The Please Stay Still Purr

Naturally, your feline friend would expect to receive masses of affection back from you and one of the ways that they tell us to stay still is to purr loudly and continually. Cats purr when they are happy but they also purr when they want their owners to stay where they are. This means pussy can curl up next to you and get fussed over and petted to their heart's content – hence the loud purring.

Bringing You Their Prized Prey

Cats just cannot help themselves when it comes to hunting down prey even if it's one of their favourite toys. When they want to play and need to get your attention, our little furry friends will bring a chosen toy over to you which basically means they are telling your that it's "play time!". Cats just love it when you throw something for them to retrieve and if you share your home with an indoor cat, then you have to be prepared to play lots of interactive games with your feline friend to keep them happy.

However, cats that get to explore the great outdoors will often bring something they have caught and drop it at your feet which although is not the nicest of things, it's their way of saying they "love you" and that you are the boss! Although some people think it's a cat's way of telling their owners they are hungry!

The Swishing of the Tail

Cats swish their tails for all sorts of reasons, They do it when they sit on the windowsill watching birds outside and they do it when they are not very happy about things too. However, cats also swish their tails when they are happy and will often wrap their tail around your leg as you prepare their dinner for them!

The Talkative Feline

Some cats are more talkative than others but if you have got a talker, then you'll soon know about it and especially at meal times. However, some cats just love to have a conversation with the people they love and will follow their owner calling out to them even when they are outside in the garden. This is another way that cats love to show their affection and they really love it when an owner talks back at them.


Cats are lovely characters and each one of them has their own unique personality. However, when it comes to showing their affection, cats have got it off pat and easily wrap their owners around their paws with a cute look, a loud purr or a wonderfully boisterous head butt. If you receive any of the above, you should feel very privileged because your little feline friend tends to be very particular when it comes to showing their love and affection to just anybody.



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