7 of the most affectionate cat breeds

7 of the most affectionate cat breeds

Cats are often said to be cold, aloof and independent compared to dogs, and it is certainly true that cats value their own space much more than dogs as a general rule. However, despite what the die-hard dog enthusiasts might think, cats are very loving, affection and yes, even loyal animals, who provide much-appreciated companionship and love to their human keepers. Many cats bond strongly with the people that live with them, or sometimes, with one particular favoured members of the household. If this person is you, then you should consider yourself to be very privileged!

The personality of every cat is of course different, and there is no sure-fire way to ensure how personable any given cat will be, or how affectionate and committed they will be to their owners. That being said, there are a few cat breeds that are particularly noted for their love of people, and that are considered to be among the most loyal, loving cats to keep.

If you are looking for a particularly affectionate and loving cat, check out our list of seven of the best suggestions.


The Siamese cat is often thought of as being one of the more high-maintenance cat breeds, and it is true that this exotic, vocal feline can be rather demanding! The Siamese cat views their human family as an extension of themselves, and likes nothing more than spending lots of time with their favourite people.

The Siamese cat will often bond strongly with one particular member of the household, and requires lots of attention and to be treated very much as one of the family. This Oriental breed is very chatty, having its own language of mewls and meows, and the alert owner may even come to learn to interpret a range of Siamese sounds into their cat’s exact meanings!


The Ragdoll is potentially the most laidback and easygoing cat in the world, and certainly has the reputation for having the sweetest nature. These longhaired cats get their name from their propensity to go completely limp when picked up, in the way that a child’s rag doll would do!

The Ragdoll is very gentle and affectionate, not particularly streetwise, and is most at home within the house and on the lap of their favourite person. They are incredibly affectionate but also undemanding, very tolerant, and an excellent choice for introducing to people who are usually shy or wary of cats. Plus, their lovely long fur is a delight to stroke!


The unusual hairless Sphynx cat is usually kept as an indoor-only pet, due to their inability to cope well with extremes of temperature. They are relatively high maintenance cats to care for, requiring bathing on a weekly basis to take care of their skin, and attention to be paid to the temperature of the household in order to keep them comfortable.

The Sphynx is fairly vocal, keen to play, and actively seeks out the company of people. They have an incredibly loud purr, and are very rewarding to keep for owners who want an extremely friendly, entertaining and personable cat to join their household!


The longhaired, regal Persian cat simply thrives on attention, and is never happier than when being the focus of their adoring owner! The Persian’s long fur requires care and maintenance from their owner, and daily brushing sessions provide an excellent opportunity for bonding with the Persian cat. They love to be stroked, hugged and admired, and greatly value quiet time in the lap of their favourite people. They are good natured, elegant and laid back, and generally do not wander too far from home when allowed outside.

This classic longhaired pick is an excellent choice for either family households, or as the sole centre of attention from a lone owner.


The Tonkinese cat is comprised of the hybridisation of the Siamese and the Burmese cat breeds, and inherits all of the warm, friendly and outgoing traits that both of the parent breeds are renowned for. Slightly more laidback and sedentary than the average Siamese, the Tonkinese cat has an attractive appearance and warm, sunny personality. Like both the Siamese and the Burmese cats, they are real people-pleasers and love spending time with their families. They are also fairly active and inquisitive, and enjoy playing with people in between long bouts of rest and relaxation! Over all, the Tonk is a happy, well-adjusted cat that actively enjoys the company of humans.

Devon or Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex cats, while both originating within the Westcountry, are in fact two distinct breeds. However, both of these unusual curly-coated breeds share a wide range of desirable personality traits, including an inquisitive, entertaining demeanour, a very affectionate temperament, and a laid-back approach to life.

They are always interested in playing with their human companions, and often bond strongly with older, well-behaved children. They like to be wherever you are, and may even be happy to perch on your shoulder while you go about your business around the house! Either the Devon Rex or the Cornish Rex makes an excellent pick for those looking for an affectionate, loving feline friend.

Honourable mention

Some other breeds that are renowned for their affectionate temperaments include the Bengal cat, the Burmese cat, and the Maine Coon. The humble mixed-breed cat or moggy is also worthy of a mention, and of course, all breeds and types of cats enjoy attention and affection from their owners, and can be the ultimate cuddle-bugs when in the right mood!

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