7 Questions To Ask Your Dog Groomer Before Booking

7 Questions To Ask Your Dog Groomer Before Booking

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Whether you have a seriously mucky pup at home or are simply looking for a post-lockdown trim and tidy, it’s important that you choose a groomer right for you, and most importantly for your best friend.

This week we caught up with Pets4Homes resident rescue dog Dassa’s favourite groomer, Surrey based Clinton Grobbelaar. To find out the top 7 questions you should ask every groomer before booking an appointment, read on.

Pets4Homes resident rescue dog Dassa

1. What qualifications and experience do you have as a groomer?

The industry is not regulated, however there are some recognised qualifications such as through City & Guilds, so it is good to ask your prospective groomer how they are qualified. Additionally, some breeders might have more experience in different breed standards, so it is always worth asking about their experience.

2. What does the grooming environment look like?

“You wouldn’t get your haircut in a salon that was unclean and dirty, so don’t be afraid to ask to see the grooming facilities before you book.” Clinton always welcomes this with new clients. A salon should have the usual ‘Health & Safety’ equipment you’d expect to see elsewhere, such as fire extinguishers and a ‘Dog’ First Aid kit. These kits are specially tailored to the sorts of injuries a dog may incur and the groomer should have received training in its use.

3. Is your groomer insured?

In the unlikely event of an injury, you will of course want the peace of mind that the groomer is insured. Clinton recommends that you ask about this whilst booking to ensure the groomer is covered.

4. Do they know what COSHH means and does it appear to be recognised?

COSHH stands for Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. As a client you will want to know that your groomer is meeting their legal responsibilities, including those that may affect the environment. The above means they are compliant with disposing of any chemicals or hazardous waste materials in an appropriate way - such as shampoos or cleaning materials that will disinfect the salon after each groom.

5. How does your groomer handle certain situations? For example, if a dog is scared?

“I remember when I was young – a long time ago, I wasn’t keen on getting my own haircut. It might be the same for your dog” says Clinton. It is important your groomer is aware of the dog’s temperament and history, such as injuries or rehoming. The groomer should know how to deal with different types of dogs and behaviours that present themselves. Clinton recommends you be honest with the groomer, and if your dog can be nervous or aggressive, they need to know – as they may still be able to help.

6. What is an average groom time for my breed?

How long is a piece of string!? It can really differ depending on the dog size, length of time between professional grooms as well as the breed. All coats are different. Even Clinton’s own 2 dogs, despite being sisters from the same litter, have very different coats and as such the time to complete their own grooms can vary. Generally, for a full groom including bath, dry, styling etc., the average time can be around 2 hours.

7. What type of shampoo products and other trimming equipment is used and why?

A professional groomer should be aware of the different types of shampoos that will suit various dog breeds, and if your dog has sensitive skin they should offer a shampoo to suit. Dogs and their coats, as we know, come in all shapes, lengths and textures! The trimming clippers, scissors and combs that are used will be very dependent on the dog itself. Some dogs, for example, should never be shaved as the coat may not recover or be the same again. A professionally trained groomer will always make sure that the correct equipment is used to suit your furry, or not so furry, friend!

We hope the above will help you make sure you choose the right groomer for you.

Let’s make our dogs feel like they’ve just stepped out of the salon! Clinton holds a Level 3 Diploma in Dog Grooming through City & Guilds and runs his own business called Top2Tails. For booking enquiries, you can view his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/top2tails/

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