8 Adorable & Wrinkled Dog Breeds That Will Make You Smile

8 Adorable & Wrinkled Dog Breeds That Will Make You Smile

There are some adorable wrinkly dog breeds around and all of them are eye catching with looks just bursting with all sorts of fun expressions and peronality. All puppies are cute but when it comes to Pugs, it really doesn't get much cuter! Wrinkly dogs are born gorgeous but with these wonderful looks comes a bit of extra care so their wrinkles and folds stay clean and dirt-free. This is why it's always worth thinking about the extra-care wrinkly canines need if you are hoping to share your life and your home with one!

The Adorable French Bulldog

French Bulldogs have such endearing appearances with their bat-like ears and wrinkly faces. Both the English and the French Bulldog has been a popular choice of companions for city dwellers because being brachycephalic canines, they need less exercise than other dog breeds. However, you have to keep an eye on their weight because they do tend to pile on the pounds if they are allowed to be couch potatoes!

The Charming Chinese Shar-Pei

Renowned the world over for their superb wrinkles and expressive faces as well as their wonderful blue-black tongues, The Chinese Shar-Pei is an adorable looking puppy that grows into a magnificent looking dog! They might look a little goofy on the outside, but this is one seriously loyal canine that makes a superb guard dog. This is why it's so important for a Shar-Pei to be well socialised and trained from a very early age so they know what is right from what is wrong and who is friend and who is foe!

The Majestic Neapolitan Mastiff

When it comes to large dog breeds, it doesn't get much bigger than the majestic Neapolitan Mastiff with their wonderfully wrinkled heads and bodies. A Neapolitan Mastive can weigh in at anything up to 150 lbs and are expert droolers – especially after they've attacked their water bowls! However, they are true gentle giants and as long as they have been well socialised and trained when they are puppies, they make loyal companions and great family pets - although not the best choice for people who live in towns or apartments!

The Delightful Pug

When it comes to cute, the Pug has to take the biscuit. Their amusing scrunched up faces and foreheads give them the appearance of being very worried little canines but if the truth be known, these funny looking little dogs are laughing their heads off. They are a popular choice for people who live in apartments because they can't handle loads of exercise due to the shape of their flat faces. Just like the French and English Bulldogs, they are brachycephalic canines. This in turn means owners have to keep an eye on their pet's weight and diet throughout their lives!

The Impressive Bloodhound

Bloodhounds boast very striking looks with their furrowed brows, sunken eyes and loose (often slobbery) jowls! You really can't help but love them! They might be impressive looking canines but you could not find a softer more endearing character than the Bloodhound. The one thing you want to avoid is being around your pet when they are shaking their heads after they've had a drink or eaten. Much better for your big canine friend to do this outside in a wide open space!

The Formidable Dogue de Bordeaux

Most people have seen the movie Turner and Hooch which starred Tom Hanks and fell in love with the slobbery, wrinkled massive dog. Full of endearing wrinkles, this is one dog breed that's full of personality. Dogue de Bordeaux'sare handsome but they can be wilful too which means they need a firm but gentle hand during their training and socialisation or they might get the better of you.

The Wonderful Looking Bulldog

You can't help falling in love with Bulldogs – their cute wrinkles and undershot jaws are just two charming characteristics that will win you over every time. There's something very personable about these lovely canines that over the years has seen the breed become firm favourites as companion dogs and loyal family pets.

The Magnificent Mastiff

With their wonderfully wrinkled foreheads, the magnificent Mastiff is the gentle giant of the canine world. They might be known for their slobbers but they are also extremely loyal and loving personalities that will win your heart over in an instant. However, they are powerful dogs even when they are puppies which means they need to be well trained and socialised from a very young age if they are to become well balanced and easy to manage adult dogs that will, without a doubt, weigh more than their owners when they are mature.


As previously mentioned, wrinkly dogs are adorable looking but they do need lots of extra care because their folds and wrinkles do need to be regularly cleaned and wiped using very gentle baby products to avoid any dirt or debris getting lodged in them and causing an irritation. This includes carefully cleaning their gorgeous scrunched up faces, their marvellously furrowed brows and all the other wrinkles found on their adorable looking bodies!



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