8 Good Reasons Why Adding Olive Oil to a Dog's Diet Works

8 Good Reasons Why Adding Olive Oil to a Dog's Diet Works

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Looking after a dog's health is really important and these days there are many brilliant supplements and pet foods on the market which makes it that much easier to do. However, just like in humans adding olive oil to a dog's diet provides lots of benefits and helps not only improve the condition of their coats, but their overall health too.

Older dogs can benefit from being given a good quality fish oil in their diets because it provides the all-important Omega-3 which helps keep their joints in good condition. However, all dogs would benefit from being given both olive oil and fish oil even when they are younger. The oil can be added to their food on alternate days which helps support their immune system which in turn means they can fend of illness and diseases that much better.

Below is a list of reasons why adding oil olive to your dog's food will promote better all round health for your pet.

Olive Oil Helps Dogs Lose Weight

If your pooch has put on too much weight, adding a little olive oil to their food each day or on alternated days will help them shed those pounds. Just as in humans this nourishing oil works on our canine friends too. This is because of the mono unsaturated fats the oil contains which actually help break down any fats contained in fatty cells and the result is better and healthier weight loss!

Olive Oil Promotes Good Health

Because the oil is so rich in mono-unsaturated fats, it actually helps reduce the chances of your dog suffering from cardiovascular disease and it also helps ward off diabetes. There is even some evidence that olive oil is useful at fending off certain cancers because it contains a substance known as oleic acid as well as compounds called squalene and terpenoids. It's estimated that over 50% of dogs over the age of 10 succumb to some type of cancer!

Olive Oil Supports and Maintains a Stronger Immune System

The oil is very rich in antioxidants which includes:

  • Polyphenols
  • Vitamin E
  • Chlorophyll
  • Carotenoids

These help support and maintain a much stronger immune system and this in turn means your dog will be able to fight off many illnesses and diseases that much better.

Olive Oil Can Help Extend Your Dog's Life

Together with advanced veterinary medicine and better quality dog foods, by supplementing your pet's food with olive oil, you help lengthen their lives even more! This is because olive oil acts very effectively at fighting off the damaging free radicals that lead to premature ageing.

Olive Oil is Considered to be Brain Food

Research has shown that olive oil is real brain food and this means that by adding it to your dog's diet it helps slow down the decline of their cognitive function. This is really important for all dogs, but more especially for really smart breeds like the Border Collie to name but one.

Olive Oil is Energy Food

Supplementing your dog's diet with a little olive oil helps improve their circulation and this in turn means a better blood flow. It is thought that a daily dose might even help barchycelphalic breeds like the Bulldog breath more easily. In humans olive oil has been seen to help reduce the effects of asthma.

Olive Oil is Great for Your Dog's Coat

A daily dose of olive oil in your dog's food will help keep their coats in great condition because it makes them gleam and shine!

Dogs Love the Taste of Olive Oil

Lastly, dogs love the taste of olive oil so there's never a problem of getting them to lap up their food if you add a little to it either on a daily basis or once every other day. The good news is you can add it to dry or wet food and your dog will love every mouthful!


As every owner knows making sure their beloved pooch gets the best out of the food is really important. By adding a little olive oil to their dish every day provides so many benefits not only to their coats but to your dog's overall health too. It helps support and maintain a stronger immune system which is essential to fight off illness and disease that much better. In short, adding a tad of olive oil to your dog's food may even help prolong their life!



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