8 Gorgeous Rare Breeds of Cat

8 Gorgeous Rare Breeds of Cat

Cats are known to be seriously elegant creatures and although they can be a little aloof at times, they are still among one of the most popular pets on the planet. Today, there's a huge selection of breeds to choose from, some of which are pretty rare and therefore not only are they very difficult to find, but they are pretty expensive felines too and owning one has to be a real privilege.

The Gorgeously Laid Back Snowshoe Cat

The very gorgeous Snowshoe cat is among the rarest breeds on the planet even though they are a relatively newcomer to the cat world. The breed originates across the water in Philadelphia and has only been around for the last 45 years or so. However, it takes a lot of precise breeding to produce one of these lovely looking felines because their colouring and points have to be just right.

Character-wise, the Snowshoe is very laid back and loving, but they do not like to be left on their own for long periods of time because they crave human companionship. The breed is also known to be a bit vocal, liking the sound of their own voices. These felines are highly intelligent and will learn to do things quickly, which includes being able to open doors. Unlike many other breeds, the Snowshoe actually enjoys being in and around water and will choose to go swimming without much encouragement if the weather is warm enough.

The Handsome Kurilian Bobtail

Originating from the Kuril Islands in Russia, the Kurilian Bobtail is a very striking looking feline with their slightly arched backs and fluffy bobbed tails. The reason their backs are arched is because their back legs are slightly longer than their front ones.

They are known to be very intelligent and for their kind natures, but the breed is pretty rare outside of their native homeland. The Kurilian Bobtail also boasts a fabulous soft coat and lovely markings that are pretty unique to the breed.

The Wild Looking California Spangled Cat

Another very striking looking feline, the California Spangled cat was bred to look like their spotted wildcat cousins namely the Ocelot or Leopard. The breed first appeared on the scene back in the 1980s and is still considered as not only a pretty rare breed of cat, but a very expensive one too. You may have to shell out a few thousand pounds for the privilege of sharing your home with one of these gorgeous looking cats.

The breed is known for their kind natures and make the perfect pet for families with older children. They are also highly intelligent which means they are very easy to train.

The Unique American Wirehair Cat

The American Wirehair cat is a rare breed indeed with less than 50 known to be registered in the States. The breed first appeared in the Big Apple and became a very popular breed due to the fact, these lovely looking felines don't shed that much, the reason being their coat consists of wire-hair rather than typical cat hair.

They have a very striking face and gorgeously thickly, striped tail. You would be very lucky to share your home with one of these delightful looking felines. The breed is known to get on well with other animals and children and they make the ideal first time pet.

The Gorgeously Soft Coated Burmilla

This gorgeous feline was first bred in the UK back in the eighties, but the Burmilla breed is considered to be quite rare. They are cross between Chinchilla and Burmese cats and have taken all the best features of each breed, the lovely soft coat of the Chinchilla and the adorable looks and character of the Burmese.

They are intelligent felines and they are known for their kind and loving natures which makes them a lovely pet to share a home with.

The Delightful Skookum

The Skookum looks very much like the Munchkin, but is considered a pretty rare breed of small and very affectionate cat. They really are lovely looking characters with their curly coats which resembles that of a La Perm which is one of its parent breeds. They can be found long haired and short haired and are known for their fun-loving and affectionate natures.

The Tiny Lambkin Dwarf Cat

These delightful little felines are a cross between the lovely Munchkin and the striking looking Selkirk Rex. It's pretty hard to find a Lambkin Dwarf and you would be very privileged to share your home with one not just because they are so rare, but because they boast such lovely, affectionate natures.

The Very Striking Genetta Cat

These beautiful cats are a cross between various breeds which includes the Munchkin, the Savannah, the Bengal, the Oriental Shorthair and the Domestic Shorthair. They are considered as a pretty rare breed and you would be very lucky to share your home with one of these very striking looking felines.

They are known to be highly intelligent and adore being around people which means they are not that fond of being left on their own for great lengths of time.


Sharing a home with any cat is a real privilege, but owning one of the above felines is extra special because they are considered to be among the rarest on the planet and therefore they tend to be a lot more expensive to buy than many other pure breeds. There is such a wonderful choice of breeds and cross breeds around that you may find you are spoilt for choice, but you need to make sure you can offer a cat a safe and loving environment to live in before you introduce a feline companion into your home.



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