8 great reasons to join the Pets4Homes Pet Forums Community

8 great reasons to join the Pets4Homes Pet Forums Community

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Pets4Homes prides itself on being the biggest (and best) pet classifieds site in the UK, and to date, thousands of animal lovers have found their perfect pet via our online adverts that allow potential buyers to connect directly with breeders and sellers.

However, we also strive to be the most useful and informative pet-related website on the web too, and as such, we also host a continually updated pet advice section with thousands of informative and interesting articles on pets of all types written by professionals, plus a reader forum too!

Whether you didn’t even know that we have a forum or if you’ve spotted the link a few times but haven’t checked it out, this article will tell you a little bit more about the forum, and share eight great reasons to join and get involved! Read on to learn more.

Connecting with other animal lovers

Much like the Pets4Homes classifieds section itself, the forum is large and diverse with members from all over the UK (and further afield) and from all walks of life. This means that there are always people around to chat to and share your enthusiasm about pets (and wildlife) with-even if most of your friends and family in the real world are sick of hearing about it!

Getting advice or guidance

Have a question, query or concern that doesn’t warrant speaking to a vet, is not health-related, or needs a specific type of pet owner to answer? You can probably find it here! Pet owners of all types from the first-time buyer to the experienced breeder to those that work with animals on a professional basis all use the forum regularly, so if you want to find out something about a rare breed of pet, think your cat is doing something odd or otherwise want to get some informal opinions from others, this is the place to be.

Talking directly to other owners

Meeting someone else who has the same type of pet as you is always informative and interesting, and if that means someone with the same breed of pet as yours, this can be even better! If you own a certain breed or type of dog (or other pet) it is always really interesting to talk to other people in the same boat, to share ideas, suggestions and just casual chats about your common interest!

Additionally, if you are thinking of buying a certain type of pet and want to talk to other owners of people who may well have many years of experience with them, you can likely find them on the forum too.

Making requests and suggestions

Want to ask for a specific type of article to be posted, or seeking information on something that you can’t find easily elsewhere? The forum is a good place to do this, and you can of course also make suggestions and give feedback on the wider site as a whole.

Learning new things

Spending a couple of quiet hours reading the forum will teach you a lot of new things, even if you are very experienced with animals and have kept pets your whole life! Obviously, forum posts are the responsibility of their individual contributor and we do not guarantee the veracity of any statement made here, but if you’re looking to learn or simply entertain yourself for a bit, this is the place!

Sharing information

If you have important information that you think should be shared far and wide-heard about a pet food recall? Bought a new product that you’re really impressed with? Want to spread the word about a lost dog, a new article or something else? The forum is the perfect place. You can of course also get involved in other conversations and have your say, and maybe learn something new, or help others with information you have!

Find a rescue

Pets4Homes works with a wide range of rehoming shelters in order to allow such organisations to showcase their pets for adoption and help them to find their forever homes. This extends to the forum too, where we have a whole forum dedicated to allowing rescues to advertise their charges, and forum members to add their own thoughts, posts and information.

The latest pet news!

If you want to read about the latest news regarding cats, dogs and other animals, the chances are that somebody is ahead of the game, and has already added a link to the latest info, news and articles posted elsewhere. Come along and browse, and have your say if you think there is something worth commenting on!

Report a problem

Finally, if you’re having an issue with the forum itself or the functionality of the site, you can either contact us directly, or use the forum to get in touch! Happy reading!

To view the view and join forum, please visit PetForums.co.uk

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