A Few Secrets Your Cat Would Like to Tell You

A Few Secrets Your Cat Would Like to Tell You


Sharing a home with feline friend is extremely rewarding. These lovely independent characters are a lot of fun to be around and although a lot of the time they like to be left to their own devices, cats still need owners to take good care of them.

Cats have some wonderful ways of communicating with people and anyone who owns one knows that each and every one of our feline friends is a unique individual with their own personality and character traits. Below are a few secrets your pet might like you to know about, but they may be having a few problems getting the message across, so here are the explanations!

Did You Know When I Purr it Does Not Necessarily Mean I am Happy?

You may think that because your cat spends a lot of time purring away that they are extremely happy with life. However, when a cat purrs it could mean they are experiencing some discomfort or pain. They may even purr because something is stressing them out and making them nervous.

Cats are clever and learn things fast which means they might be purring because they know that by doing so it will motivate you to feed them again! Studies have shown that when cats purr it is very similar to a smile, but just as in humans when they laugh nervously, cats can purr in the same way too. In short, a purr can mean all sorts of things and not just that your feline friend is content with life.

Did You Know I Get Lots of Moisture From My Food

Our feline friends get a lot of the moisture they need to stay healthy from the food they eat when fed a wet or fresh food diet. However, this does not mean you don't have to leave a bowl of fresh clean water for your pet to drink when they want to!

Cats fed a dry diet need to have free access to fresh clean water at all times, but it is never a good idea to just feed a dry diet on its own but a mixture of wet and dry!

I'm Not Really as Hungry as I Pretend to Be!

Cats can be a little demanding at times and they certainly like to let you know just who is boss in the household. They are also extremely good at pretending to be hungry when in fact, they are not. The chances are these demands for food are in fact, a request for a bit more one to one attention.

However, it's important not to give in to your pet's food whims because you could end up with a very overweight cat and the downside is this could lead to all sorts of health issues. Carrying too much weight could also shorten their life spans!

Cats like to be fed small amounts of food throughout the day because they only have small stomachs which is why it's a great idea to invest in an automatic feeder, preferably one that dishes out wet food throughout the day when you're out at work!

Did You Know I Have Incredible Vision?

Cats have brilliant vision and can see the entire UV spectrum. In short, our feline friends get to see things you cannot. The next time you spot your cat fixated on something that looks a bit mundane, you need to remember they are seeing it in a whole different way! Cats can even see urine markers left by cats and other animals, so not only is their sense of smell extremely good, but their eyesight is too.

Did You Know that I Not only Like to Scratch, But I Need To!

Cats love to stretch on things and this typically means digging their claws into something like your furniture! Cats not only like to scratch, but they actually need to because it helps remove dead outer layers found on their claws, it means they get to mark what they consider to be their territory because they have scent glands on their paws. It allows them to stretch and flex their feet, claws and bodies which as a result makes them feel more relaxed.

If your cat is ruining your best furniture by scratching it when they stretch, they are trying to tell you that you need to invest in some good quality fun scratching posts for them to indulge their need and desire to stretch and flex when they want to.

Did You Know I Think You are a Pretty Useless Kind of Cat

In a book by anthrozoologist, Dr J Bradshaw called Cat Sense, our feline friends see their owners and other humans as being rather big but useless cats and not another species at all. Therefore, cats feel the need to try to help you and will even bath you when they think you have not washed yourself enough!

Some people believe that when a cat brings in a dead mouse and drops it at your feet, they are bringing you something to eat because they want to take care of you. However, others believe that cats do this because they think you are a useless hunter and need to be taught the art of chasing down and catching your prey.


Cats are glorious creatures and they certainly know their own minds. The problem is they often find it hard to get a message across to their owners, no matter how hard they try. Deciphering the many things cats do on a regular basis is a lot of fun and the best part is that when you do get the message you are sure of really getting to know your little feline friend and all their foibles and whims!



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