All about the Aegean Cat

All about the Aegean Cat

Breed Facts

Anyone who has taken a holiday in the Greek Islands would have met up with the delightful Aegean cats. They congregate around harbours and fishing boats as well as in cafes where they take refuge from the sun under chairs and tables. Often, these lovely cats can be seen on balconies where they enjoy sunning themselves for all to see. The Aegean cat is thought to be one of the oldest breeds of domestic cats in the world and they are finding quite a large fan base not only in the UK, but elsewhere in the world too.

Origins of the Aegean Cat

As previously mentioned, Aegean cats are known to have existed for centuries with evidence of them having been found on many Greek Islands which includes Santorini to name but one. They are known to have existed in Cyprus with evidence of these cats going back 10,000 years or so. It is thought that these cats arrived in Greece on trading ships and fishing vessels and that they were highly prized for keeping vermin under control on these boats.

There are those who believe that the Aegean Cat could well be related to other breeds which includes the Angora as well as other Turkish breeds. These lovely cats have only really been recognised as a breed in their native islands and Greece. Today they are considered as being a national treasure in Greece and although the breed is not yet recognised by any international registries, many Aegean Cat find their way back to the UK and other countries when holiday makers bring them back with them.

Appearance and Care

Aegean Cats are very attractive with their athletic, lean and muscular bodies. They boast wonderful colours too which includes bicolour and tricolour with some cats having tabby markings mixed in their coats too. They have beautiful almond shaped eyes which are green in colour contrasting nicely with the colour of a cat’s coat. They shed their semi-long coats steadily throughout the year only like other breeds they tend to shed more when their summer and winter coats grow through which is in the Spring and then again in the autumn. They are low maintenance on the grooming front and only need brushing once a week or so to prevent knots and tangles from forming in their coats.

The Aegean Cat's Personality

Clever, lively and good natured, the Aegean is a very social cat by nature and they thrive on human contact. In their native Greece, they are popular family pets because they are so tolerant around children of all ages. Unlike many other breeds, the Aegean has an affinity with water and will often be seen paddling around in water so they can catch fish for themselves.

A Healthy Breed

Aegean Cats are known to be a healthy breed because they are considered being one of the more "natural" breeds around which puts them less at risk of carrying many of the genetic defects that cause hereditary and congenital conditions in many other breeds. This is thanks to the fact that man has not interfered with an Aegean Cat’s breeding in any way shape or form.

A Rare Breed Outside of Greece

Anyone wanting to share a home with a delightful Aegean Cat might have trouble finding a breeder because they are so rarely seen outside of Greece and if a breeder can be found, they would need to register their interest and agree to being put on a waiting list for the pleasure of doing so.

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