All about the Chorkie dog

All about the Chorkie dog

Breed Facts

The Chorkie is a hybrid or cross breed dog, consisting of the crossing of a Chihuahua with a Yorkshire Terrier. As both of these dogs are small (the Chihuahua being the smallest breed in the world, and the Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie coming in various sizes from ankle height to teacup sized!) the Chorkie too is a very small dog, and very appealing to many different types of owners too.

If you are considering owning a Chorkie or are looking into this type of dog in more detail, this article will give you a little more information about them, to help you to make an informed decision.

What does the Chorkie look like?

The one uniting factor among all Chorkies is that they will be very small! Any cross breed that involves the Chihuahua will produce a little dog, and generally, Yorkshire Terriers from the smaller end of the size scale are used as the other half of the pairing.

Because both the Chihuahua and the Yorkie are fairly distinctive and easily recognisable dogs, it is not difficult to spot a Chorkie by a method of deduction! The Chorkie’s appearance will vary, depending on which traits they inherit from each of the two parent breeds, but they will generally have bright, alert faces, pointed ears, and a small, delicate bone structure.

Chorkies often take on the Yorkshire Terrier colouring of black and silver or tan, but the coat may tend more towards the Chihuahua side of their heritage, which can come in a range of colours from white to fawn and various others. The coat length and texture may vary considerably too, with possibilities including very short and fine, to long, wavy and luxurious.

Are they purebred dogs?

Even if each of the two parent dogs are pedigrees from their own respective breeds, the Chorkie is not classed as a pure bred dog, and is not recognised by any formal breed registry here in the UK. Like all of the huge range of hybrid and deliberate cross breeds that are popular within the UK today, the Chorkie is still classed as a mixed breed, non pedigree dog. However, their popularity and the quality of their parentage may mean that they are priced not far off the type of figures that a pedigree Yorkie or Chihuahua might sell for.

What is their temperament like?

Both the Chihuahua and the Yorkshire Terrier are bright, energetic little dogs that are intelligent, active and into everything! You can fairly expect a Chorkie to be lively, playful and very entertaining, although they are also likely to enjoy plenty of time cuddled up in the laps of their favourite people in true lap dog style. Both of the two parent breeds have working history and a relatively strong prey drive, so despite their small size, they may see themselves as fearsome hunters, something that you will need to tackle through early socialisation with other pets and animals.

The Chorkie needs to be treated like a real dog and not a miniature toy or teddy, which means that even despite their tiny size, they must be taught good manners, training and household etiquette and not be allowed to get away with murder! The Chorkie, while very loving, can be a fairly demanding dog to keep, and needs plenty of love and one to one attention, as well as clear, unambiguous rules for their behaviour within the household.

Are they healthy dogs?

Any hybrid breed such as the Chorkie benefits from the mixed genes that enable hybrid vigour, and across the board, mixed breed dogs of all types will tend to be less prone to inherited illnesses and conditions than a purebred dog from either component breed.

However, the Chorkie may be rather more prone to certain conditions that are common to one or both of the parent breeds, including epilepsy and other seizures, blood sugar imbalances, cataracts, and digestive disorders.

What types of homes suit the Chorkie?

The Chorkie does not need a huge home or garden to thrive and live happily, but this does not mean that their need for sufficient exercise and proper play can be overlooked! If you are happy to walk your dog twice a day whatever the weather and spend plenty of time playing with them in the meantime, even the smallest of homes will prove suitable for the Chorkie.

The Chorkie can generally live happily side by side with other pets including cats and dogs when properly socialised, and generally fits in well with older, responsible children too. Keeping a Chorkie with smaller kids can prove challenging due to the potentially demanding nature of the Chorkie, and the fact that smaller children may not be well versed in the correct handling and behaviour of a small, delicate dog too.



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