All about the Cute Bambino Cat

All about the Cute Bambino Cat

It has to be said there is something quite extraordinary about hairless cats and this is just as true of the Bambino, a small and very cute hairless breed that boasts a pretty long life span when well cared for. If you are looking for a more unusualcat to share your home with, you might want to take a closer look at the Bambino.

These little cats might be small, but they are larger than life characters with their hairless bodies, large lemon shaped eyes and bat-like ears with adorable lynx tips. They first appeared on the scene across the Atlantic in America and are a huge success with cat fanciers here in the UK too. Also known as Baby Cats, the Bambino is not only extraordinarily cute, but they are loving, affectionate and playful which all added together makes these adorable little characters such a pleasure to have around.

Tiny in Stature

As previously mentioned, the Bambino is considered to be a very small cat only weighing in at anything from 5lbs to 9lbs which makes them a perfect choice for people who live in smaller apartments. Although small in stature, these little guys have larger than life personalities to match their adorable looks. They are classed as dwarf cats and were developed by crossing the lovely short-legged Munchkin Cat with the hairless Canadian Sphynx.

Although they boast short legs, it would be a mistake to think the Bambino is not agile because these little legs tend to be quite strong and muscular. In short, they don't slow the Bambino down in any way at all and they are perfectly capable of jumping up onto the furniture and worktops.

Although, the Bambino appears to have no hair at all, their bodies are in fact covered in a soft downy hair that feels very much like suede to the touch. Cats either have very short whiskers and eyebrows although some Bambinos don't have any at all.

Lovely Temperament

Outgoing is a great way to describe the Bambino and they seem to adjust to a new home environment without much trouble at all. In fact, they love investigating new things and this includes new people that may be visiting. Bambinos are generally not shy characters at all and get quite excited when people are around whether they know them or not. These sociable little cats however, are not exceptionally demanding although they love it when you are with them.

Bambinos also tend to like being around children which means they make great family pets. There's nothing they enjoy more than a game or two with the kids although it's always a good idea to keep an eye on very young children and toddlers when they are playing with any pet, and this includes a Bambino Cat. They also get on well with dogs and enjoy the company of a canine pal when owners are not around.

Loving and loyal, sharing a home with a Bambino means spending time with a very affectionate pussy cat and one that will keep you amused for hours. The reason being they are pretty active by nature and being so intelligent, they are easily and highly trainable. In short, these lovely hairless pussy cats love learning new tricks.

Healthy, Indoor Cats

Although it's important to take care of a Bambino's skin, they are on the whole pretty healthy little cats. However, they have to be kept as indoor pets the same as any other hairless cat with the Sphynx being a prime example. As such, it's really important to set up lots of activities and things for a Bambino to do and play with around the home so they can keep themselves busy and happy when you are not around.

Not having any hair means the Bambino feels the cold, however, when the weather is hot, they need protection too because if they sit in the sun for very long, they run the risk of suffering from sunburn. Their skin needs to be regularly washed to keep things in tip top condition and to prevent any sores from developing in the folds of their skin.

The only real health concerns associated with the Bambino is they do have a tendency to suffer from a genetic heart condition called Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy which is a disorder seen in Sphynx cats. They also need to be fed a high calorie diet which helps them regulate their body temperature which allows them to deal with the cold that much better. When well cared for, these adorable cats boast a long life span which can be anything from 12 to 15+ years.


If you are hoping to share your home with an adorable and extraordinary cat and have all it takes to care for a hairless breed, the Bambino could the perfect choice of feline companion for you. They need to be kept as indoor pets in a warm, cosy and loving environment. These adorable pussy cats boast a long life span which can be anything up to 15+ years when well cared for which in short means they will be loving companions that will keep you amused and happy for years to come!

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