All about the Cute Pixie-Bob Cat

All about the Cute Pixie-Bob Cat

Pixie-Bobs are quite extraordinary looking cats that resemble a North American Bobcat and since they first appeared on the scene, they have been a huge success with people who like to share their homes with more exotic and wild looking felines that boast loving and affectionate natures.

These lovely looking cats have striking tabby markings set on a red or tan coat and some of them are born with the extra toes making them polydactyl. It's the lynx tips on their ears and their mutton-like chops that adds so much to their overall wild looking appeal, this together with the rather strange sound they make has made the breed incredibly popular over in the States. The Pixie-Bob does not meow as such but rather they chirp and chatter away which makes them all the more endearing to have around.

Loyal, Loving and Playful

These cats are loving, loyal and extremely playful enjoying nothing more than messing around with the people they adore. They are devoted by nature and boast more dog-like personalities than many other cats which is another reason why they have made such a massive impression on the cat world and which gets fans of the breed hooked every time. Pixie-Bobs make great pets because even though they may look a bit on the wild side, they are in fact, extremely nicely behaved when they are around children which makes them a fantastic choice as a family pet.

A Little Background History of how Pixie-Bobs Came About

It was back in the eighties that an American lady came across some cats she believed was the result of wild bobcats mating with some “barn” cats. However, she had no proof this was the case, so she called the cats she found Legend Cats. Later two of these cats had one single kitten that she called Pixie. She went on to use three Legend Cats she found elsewhere to breed from and that's how the Pixie-Bob first came about. In 1995, the breed was registered as a domestic pussy cat and not a hybrid.

However, the Pixie-Bob's ancestry still remains a bit of a mystery although their wild look is quite unique with their heavy hooded, deep-set eyes and lovely bushy brows. It's their prominent whisker pads and broad noses which adds so much to their wild appeal too. Fully mature males can weigh in anything from 12 to 22 lbs with females being quite a bit lighter only weighing from 8 to 12 lbs. According to the breed standard set out by TICA, the Pixie-Bob can have anything up to 7 toes on each foot unlike other polydactyl breeds.

Another interesting thing about these cats is that like their wild cousins, their coats change colour according to the season with more distinct markings in the summer, to muted tones during the colder winter months. They only really shed their guard hairs during the spring time and don't shed much at all at other times of the year.

Pixie-Bobs can be short or long coated with the shorthaired cats boasting a more woolly coat that's ultra waterproof. Longer haired cats have more of a silky coat and a more pronounced mutton chop look about their cheeks. The good news is that when it comes to grooming and keeping their coats in good condition, neither long nor short haired cats need much in the way of brushing, making them pretty easy maintenance pussy cats to have around.

Delightful Looking Kittens

Kittens tend to have a more marbled and classic look about their coats rather than traditional tabby patterns. They really are cuter than cute, but they are gorgeous looking felines when they are adults too. The breed is not known to suffer from any serious health issues although they are incredibly sensitive to any sort of vaccination which is something you need to bear in mind if you're thinking about sharing your home with one of these lovely wild looking pussy cats.

Breeders also recommend that young Pixie-Bobs be fed fresh meat or fish along with any commercially produced cat food so they get all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals they need to stay healthy until they are fully mature. When they are older, these lovely looking felines benefit from being fed a fresh diet along with any commercially produced cat food too.


These wild lookingcats are in fact dogs dressed in a cat's clothes because they boast such dog-like personalities. They wag their tails much like a dog when they play and there's nothing they enjoy more than an interactive game or two with their owners. They are known to be great as family pets, although they can be a bit wary around strangers, preferring to keep safe and out of sight. They love playing games and generally don’t mind travelling in the car. They are also known to enjoy splashing around in water and get on well with children and other pets. All in all, the Pixie-bob is not only adorable looking, but wonderfully kind natured too.



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