All about the Puppykat

All about the Puppykat

Breed Facts

Puppykats first appeared on the scene in America when a lady rescued two wild cats which subsequently mated. They produced kittens that boasted very dog-like traits with ears similar to the Scottish Fold and shorter tails than normal cats. However, it was not only the physical traits that resembled their canine cousins because the cats acted more like dogs too hence they earned the name Puppykat.

A few years later the lady began breeding these extraordinary cats and they became very popular with people who wanted to share their homes with a cat that boasted dog-like traits. The breed is now registered with the Rare and Exotic Feline Registry. These lovely looking cats are quite big, they boast well proportioned bodies and what sets them apart looks-wise is the fact they have inherited three mutations which includes folded ears, extra toes which makes them polydactyl and much shorter tails.

Lovely Personalities

Apart from their great looks, the Puppykat is a highly intelligent feline known for their calm natures although they do like a game or two. They are also known to be very adaptable and will settle quickly when they find themselves in new situations or environments. The one thing they adore is the company of people, much like their canine counterparts and because they are so clever, they are highly trainable and like to be put on a lead and taken out for a walk. When it comes to playing games, the Puppykat adores “fetch” and other interactive games. Like dogs and some other cat breeds, they are never fond of being left to their own devices for great lengths of time.

Great Looking Felines

Puppykats are lovely looking felines with their wide heads, strong muzzles and large round eyes. It's their floppy ears that adds so much to their appeal and it's a gene they've inherited from the Scottish Fold. However, some kittens in a litter may be born with normal, straight ears rather than have the fold, but the cats can still be registered as Puppykats. They boast normal length legs, but it's their toes that sets them apart from other cats because they boast extra ones making them polydactyl with breeders preferring cats to have mitten feet.

Although these extraordinary cats can have any amount of toes, most have 5 to 7 toes on their front feet and 4 to 7 toes on their back ones with the polydactyl gene being the dominant one. However, some kittens may have normal feet and even though this is the case, they can still be registered as Puppykats. When it comes to the length of their tails, this can be anything from 1½ inches to 2½ inches long. Puppykats inherit this trait from the Manx cat, however, not all kittens are born with the shorter tails although they too can still be registered as being Puppykats.

Long or Short Coats

These attractive cats can boast either long or short coats which are thick, dense yet nice and soft. Puppykats can be any colour and pattern too, but cats that boast solid colours, smokes, torties, calicoes as well as bi-colours with tux patterns are highly prized.

Worth Noting

Although the breed has inherited three of the mutations seen in other cats, namely the cute floppy ears, the extra toes and shorter tails, not all kittens in a litter may boast all three of the traits and characteristics associated with the Puppykat. However, they are still classed as being Puppykats and therefore will be registered as such with specific codes added to their registration to identify the sort of mutation they’ve inherited.


There are some extraordinary cat breeds appearing on the scene and none more so than the cutely named Puppykat which was developed a few years ago across the water in America. Since they were first introduced and registered with the Rare and Exotic Feline Registry, they have become a popular choice as family pets because not only do they boast striking looks, but they are known to be highly intelligent too. Boasting dog like physical traits and personalities, these lovely felines have a lot going for them which in short means a lot more of them will be seen in many countries outside of the States in the years to come.



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