All Dogs are Gorgeous Whether they are Pedigree or Mixed Breeds

All Dogs are Gorgeous Whether they are Pedigree or Mixed Breeds

Life As A Pet Parent

If you love dogs, the chances are you are fond of all of them whether they are pedigrees or not. Recent studies have established that our lovely “mutts” or mongrels are not so different than their purebred counterparts after all they all belong to the same species, namely Canis lupis familiaris.

If the truth be known, even the smartest looking pedigree dog if sometimes the result of crossing two different breeds albeit a long time ago which in short means they were originally a “cross breed” or mutt. A great example of this is the Golden Retriever a gorgeous dog that was originally created by breeding spaniels with retrievers. Unless a dog is bred with one of their own kind they are “mutts” even if both dogs are champions of their own specific breed. The result is a sometimes very expensive, albeit gorgeous cross breed otherwise known as a “mongrel” although these days they are more often called “designer” dogs.

Over Time Dogs Have Evolved Alongside Man

Our canine companions have over time evolved alongside man, with their ancestors skirting around camp fires lit by cavemen in the hope of being thrown the odd bone. Dogs were specifically bred for their particular strengths to become excellent working dogs. However, breeders will create lines that produce “predictable” puppies whether it's a Labrador, a Bulldog or a Lhasa Apso so they fit in with people’s lifestyles. Dog owners want certain traits they know they can rely on from a canine companion. One person might decide to share their home with a Labrador because they know the breed loves spending time in the great outdoors, whereas a Bulldog would not be a good fit at all and would in fact suffer if given too much strenuous exercise.

People who run rescue centres all agree that it's more important to match a dog to the right family whether they are pedigrees or not, because they are more likely to form strong lifelong bonds when they are well suited to a person’s lifestyle. Breeders look closely at a dog's lineage to produce dogs with nice personalities and gorgeous looks, but rescue centres when they look at a mixed breed dog search for the same traits and usually enjoy brilliant results.

Dog lovers tend to fall in love with a breed to begin with, but it's a dog's personality that really does win them over in the end because each of our canine friends, no matter if they are pedigree or not boast their own uniqueness which is what makes them such lovely individuals. With this said, there's nothing wrong with preferring to share a home with a pedigree dog and there are many, many breeds to choose from. The key is to do lots of research first so that when you do finally make a decision, it's an informed one.

If you do decide to get a pedigree so that you know just what to expect from your pet, talking to reputable breeders is a must. However, a lot of the time people expect too much of their canine companions which is when things can start to go wrong. To avoid any mistakes, it's worth taking the time to go along to a breed show so you can talk to people and watch the dogs as they parade around. It's a great way of seeing lots of dogs in one place which in turn gives you a good idea of how they behave and whether or not they would fit in well with your lifestyle and circumstances.

Sharing Your Home with a Rescue Mixed Breed

If on the other hand, you decide to offer a loving home to a rescue dog, going along to several local rescue centres and chatting to the people who run them will give you an insight as to what sort of mixed breed dog would best suit you and your family. If you have children, it's a good idea not to take them along the first time you go because it could turn out to be very hard if you have to say “no” if the kids decide they want one dog which you know would not be the best fit for your lifestyle.

The great thing about offering a home to a rescue dog is that you give them a second chance at happiness so they can live out the rest of their lives in a loving environment. Chatting with the people who run the centres and registering your details with them, allows them to find a dog that will fit in well with your lifestyle which is another huge plus.


Whether you’ve set your heart on sharing your home with a pedigree dog or a mixed breed, the one thing every animal lover wants is for their canine companions to fit in well with the family so they can live out their lives in a happy and healthy environment. Purebred dogs or mutts are not that different, after all they are all the same species that over time have evolved alongside man. Some breeds were crossed with others to produce the best working dogs other breeds were bred to other dogs to create imperial lap dogs and companions. In short, many of the pedigree dogs we recognise today are a result of crossing two breeds and as such they too are basically well bred “mutts”.

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