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Are Ferrets Fun Pets or a Lot of Hassle?

Are Ferrets Fun Pets or a Lot of Hassle?

There is absolutely no doubt that ferrets are gorgeous fun creatures to have around, but they are not the best choice of pets for everyone. If you have young children, owning a ferret or two as house pets could prove problematic because little fingers may end up getting bitten whether by accident or on purpose. However, there are other reasons why keeping a ferret as a pet might not be right for you which are listed in this article.

Ferrets are Very Demanding Creatures

Just because a ferret sleeps the whole day away and only gets active at night, does not mean they are not demanding little creatures to look after. In fact, quite the opposite is true because ferrets tend to thrive on lots of care and attention. There's nothing they like more than playing interactive games with you whenever they can which of course is in the evening or through the night when they tend to get quite boisterous!

If you don't have lots of time to spend with a pet ferret, it would not be fair on them and you may well end up with a very unhappy little character and one that might just become a little destructive around the home when they are let out of their cage!

A Ferret Can Get Very Attached to One Person

The other thingto bear in mind is that a ferret may get extremely attached to just one person in the home and just tolerate any other people around. This can prove to be a little disappointing for the 'other' people who had hoped their pet would be as attached to them as they are to the one person a ferret may have got extremely attached to.

A Ferret's Cage Will Smell if Not Cleaned Out Regularly

If you are incredibly house proud but don't clean your ferret's cage out as often as you should, then be prepared for your home to have a 'ferret aroma' which is not really your pet's fault, but yours. It takes time and effort to clean out a ferret's environment so it does not smell and this includes washing their bedding in a ferret friendly detergent at least once every other day. Ideally this should be done every day if you don't want to have to put up with any odours in your home.

Ferrets Love to Hide Things Away

Ferrets by nature are playful little souls, but they are also incredibly secretive. They just cannot resist stealing things so they can hide them away. This includes your car and house keys. Basically, if a ferret can carry or drag something along the ground, they will help themselves to them before hiding the items in places you may have trouble finding them, especially if you are in a hurry!

Ferrets are Extremely Active Little Creatures

Don't be fooled by images you see of ferrets fast asleep on their owner's laps as they watch television in the evening. When you first get your ferret they will be far too busy getting to know their new environment to want to spend any time lounging around on your lap. They will be extremely active and therefore you too will be kept busy making sure they are not getting into any trouble. It takes time to build up a strong bond with a ferret so they trust you enough to lie on your lap and relax in the evening – it won't happen overnight!

Ferrets Bite if Not Well Socialised

Ferrets have very sharp, needle like teeth and they will bite if they are scared of anything, surprised by something or basically if they have not been well socialised as youngsters. You need to be very sure the breeder has socialised their young ferrets really well so they have been taught not to bite.

Ferrets Boast a Long-life Spam

Ferrets live a long time and are therefore a long-term commitment. If well cared for, they can live for 10 years or even longer. You may not have children at the moment, but think about a little further down the line when there might be the sound of pitter patter footsteps chasing around the home which could make life complicated for you and stressful for your pet ferret.

Who Would You Leave Your Ferret With When You go Away?

You also have to consider that long holidays in faraway places may be a thing of the past should you decide to share your life and home with a pet house ferret. These little creatures can get very upset if they don't see the people they love for a long time. In fact, some ferrets actually suffer from serious depression when they are parted from the people they have become attached to which is something you need to bear in mind.


Sharing a home with a pet ferret can be great fun, but before deciding to get one, you have to make sure you have enough time to give them. You also need to be sure you would be willing to give up a few things that you may have become accustomed to doing. Once you are sure you can then choosing a ferret means bringing a fun and lively little character into your home. If on the other hand, you think that having a pet ferret around might end up being too much of a hassle and too time-consuming, it's best to reconsider things because these lovely little creatures can be quite demanding.