Best Games to Play with Your Ferret!

Best Games to Play with Your Ferret!

Ferrets are incredibly playful characters by nature and there is nothing they appreciate more than interacting with their owners. You can buy a ton of toys for your pet, but at the end of the day the one toy they adore playing with is You"".

By far the best games to play with a ferret are the type that encourage their natural behaviour and instincts. But with this said, ferrets are very much like toddlers because they love playing games like 'hide and seek' or digging in search of a treasure or two! Ferrets also like to play rough and they really love getting into a game of tug-of-war.

Ferrets also have favourite places where they can't resist hiding toys and other things like your car or house keys if they are allowed to get their teeth into them. It's important to know about these stashes which your pet will occasionally change from time to time just for fun and to keep you on your toes!

Understanding a Ferret's Play Behaviour

  • Playing hide and seek is a ferrets way of mimicking their hunting behaviour
  • Ferrets like to explore new places around your home because it's a great way for them to satisfy their curiosity about the world around them
  • Digging and rolling around is a ferret's way of mimicking their natural instinct to tunnel which they adore doing
  • Tug of war and mock fighting is another way your ferret shows their natural hunting instinct

Creating Fun Play Areas for Your Ferret

Creating great play areas for your pet takes a bit of planning and imagination. However, it does not have to cost you a fortune because a lot of the things you can use are typically found around the home anyway. Below is a list of fun suggestions that will keep a pet ferret happy for hours!

Ferrets Love Mazes

You can make your own maze out of cardboard boxes, plastic pipes and anything else you have around the house. All you have to do is make holes and join them together and you've created a wonderful maze for your pet to run through, hide in and basically amuse themselves for hours.

Create a Snorkelling Box

There's nothing ferrets like more than diving into something and then tunnelling their way down. You can create a snorkelling box for your pet by filling a box with shredded paper and then hiding their toys in the box. Your ferret will adore diving in and when they find a toy, they'll enjoy the experience even more!

Chase the Birdy

Invest in a toy like the Da Bird Feather Toy and then drag this along the floor for your ferret to chase. This is one game that's brilliant to play in the evening and it will amuse your ferret no end with the added bonus of it allowing them to show off their instinct to hunt their prey!

Ferrets Love Playing Tag

Ferrets love chasing things, it's in their nature which means they will adore playing tag with you. If you have wooden floors this can be highly amusing as they try to turn around to chase you!

Tug of War with a Towel

As previously mentioned ferrets love nothing more than a game of tug of war and towels are great to use for this purpose. You can also use them to hang over your ferret's head and watch as they jump up to grab it before dragging the towel along the floor to stash in one of their favourite ferret hiding places! You just need to watch your fingers when playing more energetic games with ferrets because otherwise you might just end up with a little nip or two.

The Ferret Car Race

If you have kids, the chances are there might be a remote control car or two around the house. These make great toys for ferrets to chase and hunt down. However, you have to remove any bits that might fall off or get bitten off which your pet ferret might swallow and which could end up causing an intestinal blockage!


With a little imagination you can create all sorts of wonderful interactive games to play with your ferret and the best part is you don't have to spend a fortune on toys! Encouraging their natural and instinctive behaviour through games and playtime will enrich their lives and it also helps strengthen the incredible bond these adorable fun creatures develop with you! You also have to know when it's time to stop playing and this is particularly true if your ferret gets over excited when playing an interactive with you.




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