Best House Rabbit Breeds on the Planet

Best House Rabbit Breeds on the Planet

All bunny rabbits are gorgeous and for decades they have been one of the most popular choices of family pets. Over the years more and more breeds have appeared on the scene from giant rabbits to tiny little bunnies which has all gone a long way in ensuring they stay as popular today as they ever were in the past.

These days, keeping a pet bunny (or two) as a house pet is pretty much the norm because these delightful little creatures can be house trained much as you would a feline friend. Below is a list of ten gorgeous bunnies which make ideal house pets!

The Lovely German Lop

All lop eared bunnies are cute, but the lovely German Lop is gorgeous. They are a little bit smaller than a French Lop, but they are just as adorable and friendly. These rabbits love playtime and because they are such laid back characters, they make wonderful indoor pets. German Lops are easy to litter train and to come to you when you call them!

The Laid Back English Lop

English Lops are known for their lovely temperaments. They are very placid by nature with kind outgoing personalities which is why they make such brilliant indoor pets. Compared to many other breeds, these delightful bunnies are docile and nice to be around with their gorgeous longer than average ears!

The Ever Popular Holland Lop

Holland Lops are very popular bunnies kept as indoor pets. They boast sweet natures and are not aggressive in any way at all. These gorgeous looking rabbits behave very much like dogs which makes them incredibly endearing to be around, especially when they have a mad five minutes chasing around the place jumping up on your furniture.

The Gorgeous American Fuzzy Lop

These lovely looking bunnies look very much like a Holland Lop with the only difference being in their coats which are very similar to that of an Angora rabbit. They have very cute, flat muzzles which are reminiscent of a pussy cat and they are known for their playfulness as well as their affectionate personalities. American Fuzzies love playing with toys and make wonderful indoor pets!

The Massive Continental Giant

If you are hoping to share your home with a Continental Giant, you need to make sure your house is big enough to accommodate them. These guys are very large bunnies and an adult can weigh anything up to 30 lbs! They boast gorgeous personalities and are known to be very easy to house train.

The other great thing about these larger than life bunnies, is they are incredibly gentle around children because of their placid natures. However, all children need to be supervised when they are playing with any rabbit including the gorgeous Continental giant a bunny even though they love lots and lots of cuddles!

The Nicely Tempered Alaska Rabbit

These lovely bunnies do not have a nasty bone in their bodies which is why they make such great indoor pets. They are gentle by nature, but they are also lively and love to play. These rabbits have a super soft and silky coats making them one of the softest coated bunnies around!

The Hugely Friendly Brazilian Rabbit

One of the friendliest rabbits on the planet is the Brazilian. They are also incredibly gentle when around people. They also get on well with other animals and rabbits. The breed is known for being gregarious, loving to pile on top of each other when playing. They are also very easy to house train and will learn to come to you when called.

The Rare Hulstlander

This is quite a rare breed but they are glorious looking bunnies with their pure white coats and their brilliant blue eyes! The breed is known to be extremely inquisitive by nature and they love playtime. These gorgeous looking rabbits are also highly intelligent which means they are easy to house train.

The Laid Back New Zealand Rabbit

These bunnies are great around children and even other pets. They are very laid back characters and unlike many other breeds, they enjoy being handled. They are the perfect choice for first-time bunny owners because they are such gentle and affectionate characters by nature which means they are great fun to have around. These bunnies like to be involved in everything that goes on in the household!

The Sweet Lilac Rabbit

Lilac Rabbits are sweet and affectionate bunnies by nature. They also like to be picked up and are real "lap" rabbits where they will quietly sit for hours on end enjoying the one to one contact they have with you. They make great indoor pets because they are incredibly clean. They love playtime with their owners which makes them a real pleasure to have around.


Rabbits are lovely creatures and they make superb indoor pets. Bunnies are intelligent and because they are clever, it makes it that much easier to house train them. There are lots of breeds on the planet and they are all gorgeous. The list above are just a few of the breeds that make glorious house pets because they are such a pleasure to be around. Rabbits become real members of the family and love to be involved in everything that goes on in the home much like a cat or even a dog!



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