Brazilian Shorthair Cat Information and facts

Brazilian Shorthair Cat Information and facts

Breed Facts

The chances are you have never heard of the Brazilian Shorthair cat which is also called the Pelo Curto Brasileiro. These charming cats that are native to Brazil are the first in the country to be recognised by International Breed Associations and are in fact very similar to British and American Shorthairs although they are not related at all. The Brazilian Shorthair has always been popular in Brazil thanks to the fact they are so good at keeping vermin down and because they are so gentle and kind by nature.

A little background history

The Brazilian Shorthair is a common street cat"" that hails from Brazil where they have existed since around the 1500s. British sailors took cats with them on their voyages to control vermin on their boats and these cats were British Shorthairs which then mated with local cats that were around at the time and were to become the breed we see today. The Brazilian Shorthair finally received recognition as a breed in 1998 after having been bred by a breed enthusiast by the name of Paulo Samuel Ruschi who also founded the Cat Federation in Brazil as well as the Rio de Janeiro Cat Club.


The Brazilian Shorthair is a highly adaptable cat with a wonderfully affectionate personality. Inquisitive, social, outgoing and intelligent, they love being involved in everything that goes on in their surroundings and will happily spend as much time with the people they love as they possibly can. They form strong bonds with their families and can be a little bit demanding, loving nothing more than being fussed over following an owner around the house much like a canine counterpart.

They learn new things very quickly and are known to get on with everyone, which includes children, other pets and dogs they have grown up with. They are larger than their British Shorthair counterparts, but they are still sleek, elegant and athletic looking cats. With this said the Brazilian Shorthair's body is slimmer than their British and American Shorthair counterparts and their heads are a different shape too which is one of the physical traits that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Coat texture and colours

The Brazilian Shorthair has a short, close-lying coat and they come in a variety of colours and patterns which includes the following:

  • White
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Tan

Care and maintenance

Because their coats are close-lying and short, the Brazilian Shorthair is low maintenance on the grooming front and only need to be wiped over every now and again with a chamois leather to remove any loose and dead hair which also helps keep a nice sheen on it too. They shed steadily throughout the year and much like other breeds, they tend to shed more hair during the spring and the autumn when their summer and winter coats grow through.

A healthy breed

The Brazilian Shorthair is known to be a healthy breed although they do feel the cold which is one of the reasons it would be wiser to keep one of these attractive cats as an indoor pet if you are thinking of sharing your home with one. With this said, they are not known to be affected by any of the hereditary and congenital health issues that seem to affect many other breeds.

Finding a breeder

Because the Brazilian Shorthair is rarely seen outside of their native country, finding a breeder in the UK could prove challenging and it is important to find a reputable one so you have peace of mind that your choice of feline companion is well bred and indeed a Brazilian Shorthair.




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