Breeds of Dog That Don’t Particularly Like Agility

Breeds of Dog That Don’t Particularly Like Agility

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Dogs boast unique characters with breeds like the Border Collie being ultra intelligent and the Doberman Pinscher super loyal with every breed having something about them that people just cannot resist falling in love with. With this said, there are some breeds that seem to think they have better things to do than learn a new trick, unless that is they are in the right mood. It’s not that they don’t want to do as their told it’s more that they like to do things in their own time.

The Great Dane

Great Danes might be large gentle giants, but there is nothing they enjoy more than a cuddle and if the truth be known they are quite low-energy characters. They do love taking part in agility and other doggy activities, but would probably prefer to be part of the audience and cuddle up next to you rather than have to chase around. With this said, there’s nothing funnier than watching one of these lovely dogs having a mad moment chasing around in their own time!

The Shih Tzu

When it comes to doing doggy activities, the delightful Shih Tzu is probably not going to be that enthralled at the prospect of taking part in an ultra speedy activity much preferring to be cuddled and petted in between a few stints of chasing around the garden in their own time that is. No, the Shih Tzu is far too regal to take part in agility or flyball although very happy to play a game of fetch with the people they love.

The Beagle

Charming and sociable, the Beagle is a pretty active character by nature, but their one weakness is the fact they cannot help chasing down a new scent which means that even though they love learning new things and tricks, these take second place on a Beagle’s "have to do" list. However, out on a walk in a park or the countryside, these little dogs are great companions to have around because they are so alert and ready to chase after anything their owners throw for them.

The Newfoundland

This gentle giant has better things on their mind than to take part in doggy sports because they are so gentle by nature that competing would not be something they might not even contemplate preferring to take things at a much easier pace just loping around a back garden in their own time or cuddling up on a sofa with their owners.

The Bloodhound

Sad looking and sensitive by nature, the Bloodhound is another canine character that prefers to follow their own noses rather than take part in a doggy activity or fast moving event. Often a little strong willed, they are not the best choice of family pet for first time dog owners. However, if you love the great outdoors and are willing to follow your pooch on a very long trail - this is the perfect dog for you.

The Mastiff

Big, gentle and extremely loving, the Mastiff can also be a little on the stubborn side. They are very good at protecting the people and things they love and are known to ignore commands when they feel like it which means taking part in a doggy activity event could be a little problematic! However, when it come to affection and loyalty, it doesn’t get much better than sharing your home with a Mastiff.

The Bulldog

These dogs have lovely natures and are known for their loyalty towards owners. They are natural entertainers and love to please which makes them all the more endearing. However, because of the shape of their faces and ultra short noses taking part in very energetic exercise would do these dogs no good at all. In fact, it could be quite dangerous which is why it's just as well that Bulldogs much prefer the life of a couch potato which means you have to keep a close eye on their weight and how much they eat!

The Basset Hound

It goes without saying that a Basset Hound may find it a little hard to take part in an agility class because they are simply not designed to do this type of activity. That's not to say these low hung and ultra long dogs can't show a turn of speed when they feel like it from time to time, albeit in pretty short bursts! However, their adorable looks and lovely personalities more than make up for the fact they would never be the Olympiads of the canine world.


If you lead a more sedentary life but enjoy going out for long walks rather than take part in agility, there are lots of dogs that would fit the bill perfectly with the list above being just some of the dogs that like being active but mostly in their own time. Some breeds are just not built to do doggy sports which includes the lovely Basset Hound which is not to say, these adorable looking dogs can’t have a mad moment or two and show a surprising turn of speed!



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