Bulldog: Frequently Asked Questions

Bulldog: Frequently Asked Questions

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Is aBulldog a good family dog?

Bulldogs are renowned for their kind, patient and tolerant personalities. They thrive in a home environment and adore being involved in everything the family does. They are extremely people-oriented being loyal and devoted to their owners. They are dependable and trustworthy around children and enjoy their company.

Why is a bulldog so expensive?

Not only are English Bulldogs one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK (and in other countries of the world too), they are also great fun to share a home with. Because of their popularity a well-bred Kennel Club registered puppy can command a lot of money. Add to this that very few Bully puppies are born naturally because the size of their heads makes it risky for both the mother and her pups. As such, puppies are born by caesarean section which adds a lot of money to their cost of each individual Bully puppy.

Do allBulldogs have health problems?

English Bulldogs are prone to suffering from quite a few health issues with the main concerns being heart, bone and serious respiratory problems. Thanks to their body structure, they are very predisposed to suffering from hip dysplasia and are known to have the worst hip score as compared to other Kennel Club registered breeds. Other issues that can affect a Bully includes eye problems, allergies and severe skin issues thanks to all the folds of skin around their faces, on their bodies and especially on a dog’s tail. Being a brachycephalic breed they are known to suffer from dental problems and some puppies are born with a harelip or a cleft lip. Another real issue with Bullies is that they are extremely intolerant to heat and easily overheat which can prove fatal.

How long do English Bulldogs live for?

Because English Bulldogs can live for anything up to 8 to 10 years although the average lifespan is around 8.5 years thanks to all the health issues they are known to suffer from. In 2013, a survey was carried out by a UK veterinary surgery into a Bully’s lifespan and the breed council sets the breed’s medium lifespan at being anything from 8 to 10 years when correctly cared for and fed an appropriate diet to suit the different stages of a Bully’s life.

Do Bulldogs shed a lot?

English Bulldogs shed moderately throughout the year, only much more so in the spring and the autumn when more hair is left around the home and when more in the way of grooming is needed to keep on top of things. Frequent grooming helps keep on top of dead and loose hair while at the same time it makes sure there are no skin issues flaring up in the folds of a Bully’s skin.

Do Bulldogs bark a lot?

Although English Bulldogs are not “barkers”, when they do voice an opinion everyone knows about it. With this said, if left alone for too long, a Bully might develop unwanted behaviours and this could include excessive barking which is one of the ways an unhappy dog expresses how unhappy they are at being on their own, bearing in mind that English Bulldogs are known to suffer from separation anxiety.

Are Bulldogs hard to train?

Although lovely natured, English Bulldogs have a stubborn streak in them which can make it that much harder to train them and why they are better suited to people familiar with the breed rather than first time dog owners. The reason being that a Bully could well get the better of a novice owner making it harder for them to live with and manage their canine companion.

DoBulldogs need a lot of exercise?

Bullies like being given regular daily exercise, but care must be taken when they weather is hot because they can easily overheat which could prove fatal. With this said, they must be given enough physical exercise to prevent them from putting on too much weight, bearing in mind that a Bully would happily turn into a “couch potato” if allowed and carrying too much weight puts a lot of extra strain on the heart which can shorten a Bully’s life dramatically.

Can anyBulldogs swim?

English Bulldogs cannot swim thanks to their body shape and the fact they are so heavy. Most Bullies sink like stones when they are in water and as such should never be left unsupervised when they are around water. The other thing is that being a brachycephalic breed, they have real trouble breathing when they are in water which puts them at even great risk of drowning.

AreBulldogs good around other dogs?

English Bulldogs like other bulldog breeds, can show aggression towards dogs they have never met before although they generally get on and tolerate being around dogs they do know. As such, introductions must be done carefully to avoid any canine confrontations which could end up in with an injured pet as well as a big vet bill. It’s also a good idea to keep a Bully on the lead when walking them in a park where other owners exercise their dogs just to be on the safe side.

Are Bulldogs good watchdogs?

Bullies are impressive looking dogs and although they are not known to be “barkers”, they make very good watchdogs, being quick off the mark when it comes to letting their owners know when strangers are about or when something they don’t like is going on in their environment. English Bulldogs do not need any training when it comes to protecting their families and property, because it is something that comes naturally to the breed.

Looking for Further Bulldog Information and Advice?

Pets4Homes has a detailed English Bulldog Information and Buying Advice page which is very useful for further reading and research if you already own or are looking to buy or adopt a Bulldog.



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