Caring for Puppy when They First Arrive Home

Caring for Puppy when They First Arrive Home

Puppies are adorable creatures no matter what breed they happen to be. Full of fun and a joy to have around, puppies are sure to keep their new owners entertained. However, getting a puppy settled into their new environment means spending as much time as it takes to make things comfortable for them. The first day is all-important because they must feel safe, secure and warm especially as the chances are they have just had to leave their mothers and their litter mates which means they are going to be feeling quite anxious about things.

Let Puppy Explore & Sniff Around

It's important to let puppies explore new environments, but only if it is safe for them to do so. This means having to make all the preparations needed for a home to be safe for a puppy to roam around. Dogs explore their territory as much through their noses as they do with their eyes and mouths which means that letting a puppy sniff around the place helps them get used to all the new smells they come across. It's a good idea to ask the breeder for a blanket or towel that was used in mum's basket which would have her scent on it and that of puppy's litter mates. This will help puppy settle down in a new bed that’s been set up for them.

Allow Puppy to Sleep

Puppies need lots of sleep. They may play hard when they are awake, but they need masses of rest. Anxiety can also play a part in how much a puppy may want to sleep and this is especially true when they first arrive in their new homes. Setting up a nice quiet, calm area for puppy's bed is all-important so they can go there when they feel the need to. It's also important not to disturb a puppy when they are in their beds and fast asleep. This means educating the kids to leave puppy alone when they are snoozing.

Other Pets

It's important for other pets in a household not to feel left out when a new puppy arrives in the home. But it's also important to make sure things go smoothly when they first meet a new housemate. It may take a little time for existing pets, whether a cat or a dog, to get used to the idea of having a puppy in their environment which means introductions need to be done slowly and carefully to make sure things stay nice and calm.

All-important House Training

Accidents are bound to happen when a puppy first arrives in a new home which is why owners need to be very patient with them especially in the first few days and weeks of their arrival. There is no use getting annoyed with a puppy if they make a mess on the floor because they would not understand what they have done wrong. It's best not to react at all when this happens, but to ignore them while cleaning up the mess and to reward and praise a puppy when they get it right by using "puppy pads" that have been set up in certain areas of the home. House training a puppy may take a little time and it would be a mistake to think they would get it right during the first few days which is why it's so important to make all the preparations beforehand.

Giving Puppies Lots of Attention

It's hugely important not to leave a puppy on their own on the first day which is why it's best to arrange to pick them up when members of a household are going to be at home. Weekends are a good time because it means a puppy will be given all the time and attention they need to feel settled in their new environment with everyone around them.

Keeping Things Nice and Calm

Children need to be taught that although it's exciting when a puppy arrives in their new home, it's also a time when things need to stay nice and calm so that puppy does not get frightened or stressed out by too much noise. Children need to be taught not to pick puppy up and to leave them alone when they are sleeping. It's also essential that any interaction between the kids and their new pet is supervised all of the time.

The First Night

It can be hard leaving a puppy alone in their new bed on the first night, but it's something that must be done so they get used to being on their own. Setting up a nice, cosy and safe place for a puppy's bed is crucial, but it must be in a part of the house where they can be heard just in case they get themselves into any sort of trouble and need to be rescued. Having a blanket or towel with their mum’s scent on it and that of their littermates would help them get through the first anxious night.


Bringing a puppy home takes quite a bit of planning and once they are at home, they need to be given lots of attention and shown patience and understanding. It may take a bit of time for them to get used to their new surroundings, but when they do, puppies quickly become valued members of the family. It's those first few all-important days that will lay the foundations of just how quickly a puppy settles into their new home.

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