Cat Breeds that Really Think More Like Dogs

Cat Breeds that Really Think More Like Dogs

There are some amazing cat breeds around these days and some of them are pretty new to the scene. Others have been around for decades becoming popular family pets all over the world. It would be fair to say that many people think of cats and dogs as being arch enemies, but all too often nothing could be further from the truth. However, there are quite a few breeds that think they are not felines at all and they act more like their canine counterparts than most other cats do.

Cats that boast more dog-like traits which includes things like being more social by nature, needing more in the way of attention, a natural love of being around water and playing interactive games with the people they love, are a real joy to be around - as long as you have enough time to spend with them and here are just a few of them!

The Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora has a lot to boast about which includes a beautiful coat and an extremely dog-like personality. However, they are a little more demanding than your average cat and like nothing more than to play interactive games like "fetch" with the people they love. They are also well known for their extreme loyalty although they are not adverse to saying a big "hello" to strangers as well. A Turkish Angora also loves playing around in water unlike many other cat breeds that don't take that kindly to getting their feet wet. The key to keeping one of these beautiful cats happy is to spend as much time as you can with them!

The Siamese

Known to be one of the more talkative cats on the planet, the Siamese has a vocabulary that rivals their canine counterparts. In fact, it would be fair to say that these gorgeous looking felines have a "meow" for just about everything including their moods. Although quite clingy by nature, the Siamese is the ideal choice of pets for people who spend a lot of time at home because they make the perfect companion always following you around and interested in what you're doing!

The Manx

Known for their lack of tails, these lovely looking cats like nothing more than following their owners around the house a little bit like lost puppies! Unlike other cats, the Manx tends to like going for rides in the car too and they are easy to train when it comes to walking nicely on a lead. Some Manx cats have even been known to let owners know when there are strangers around, growling very much like their canine counterparts are renowned for doing if they hear an unfamiliar sound, making the Manx a great choice as a "watch cat"!

The Maine Coon

Known to be one of the largest cat breeds on the planet, the Maine Coon has a lot to boast about personality-wise as well as in the looks department. They are highly intelligent and have no trouble opening doors, helping themselves to their dinner and turning light switches on! Because they are so smart, Maine Coon cats are highly trainable and love nothing more than playing interactive games much like their canine counterparts.

The Abyssinian

Known to be an athletic character by nature, the Abyssinian can leap to great heights with no trouble at all. They are high energy cats that love to play lots of games much like dogs and they like to keep their owners entertained for hours! The are the ideal choice for families with children too!

The Ragdoll

Known to be one of the most laid-back cats on the planet, much like their name suggests, the Ragdoll is one of the smartest felines around which makes them extremely easy to train. Positive reinforcement works a treat when you want to teach a Ragdoll a new trick which makes sharing a home with one of these cats so much fun! It would be fair to say that Ragdolls could be compared to extremely affectionate and clever lapdogs!


All cats have their own unique personalities with some boasting more dog-like traits than others. The breeds mentioned above are just a few of the cats that often behave and think more like their canine counterparts, but it's up to the owners to ensure their pets are confident characters. The best way of doing this is to make sure cats are well handled and socialised when they are kittens which means they stand a much better chance of growing up to be loving and outgoing mature cats that are a real pleasure to be around!

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