Cat Breeds with Big Attitudes

Cat Breeds with Big Attitudes

If you're the sort of person that boasts a big personality and you're thinking about sharing your home with a feline companion, the good news is there is a great choice when it comes to breeds with big personalities to match your own. There are cats that think more like dogs and others that like nothing more than going out for a walk with you on a lead or for a ride in the car!

1. The Maine Coon

Maine Coons are not only big cats when it comes to size, but they also boast massive personalities too! If you are the sort of person who loves spending as much time with your feline companion as you can, choosing to share your existence with a Maine Coon could be the perfect choice. These cats are among the largest domestic breeds on the planet with characters to match.

Maine Coons are known to be gentle giants and the "clowns" of the cat world which in short, means they will keep you entertained for hours on end with their antics. These cats have a fascination for water and will readily seek out a leaky tap so they can play with the drops of water as they fall. Female cats tend to be a little more reserved than their male counterparts, but that's not to say they don't have larger than life personalities too!

2. The Munchkin

At the other end of the scale size-wise, the Munchkin may be short-legged, but they are big on personality. They are renowned for their playfulness and affectionate natures. Being extremely intelligent, these little cats quickly figure things out which includes how to get their owners to do things for them! In short, Munchkin cats will have you at their beck and call.

If you're looking for a cat with a lovely, warm character, you would not go far wrong when choosing to share your life with a little and delightful Munchkin, a feline that boasts loads of personality and character!

3. The Bengal

Exotic looking with masses of personality, the Bengal is one cat that knows how to keep their owners in check. It's important that you have lots of time to spend with a Bengal because they not the sort of character you can leave to their own devices for any great length of time because if left to their own devices, these intelligent cats can get up to a bit of mischief.

Unlike many other cat breeds, the Bengal craves human company and they don't generally display any of the more common feline traits, namely aloofness and/or independence. When it comes to their personality, Bengal cats boast characters that are as fascinating and alluring as their exotic looks.

4. The American Curl

Although the breed is a relative newcomer to the world of cats, they have become one of the most popular breeds to keep as pets around which is hardly surprising given their charming looks and lovely personalities! These cats just love being around people and as a bonus, they are brilliant around children too. American Curls are also known to be pretty talkative and there is nothing they enjoy more than to follow their owners around the house so they get to check and keep an eye on what's going on around the home.

These lovely cats with their delightful ears are often referred to as the "Peter Pans" of the feline world and because they are so smart, you can teach them to do all sorts of things including "fetch" much like you would teach a dog!

5. The Savannah

The Savannah Cat is another exotic looking feline and one that will keep you busy for hours. They are most definitely not lap cats and like nothing better than spending as much time as they can, playing games with the people they love. These larger than life characters like to be taken for a walk on a lead and will play around in water whenever they can which is delightful to watch.

Intelligent, playful and outgoing, there is nothing "shy" or timid about these gorgeous cats. They are so clever they quickly learn how to turn taps on, open cupboard doors which in short means you might have to fit child locks on them to prevent your pet from helping themselves to their food whenever they please!

6. The Turkish Angora

There's no doubt the Turkish Angora is a very elegant and good looking cat and one that is known for their intelligence and larger than life personalities. There's nothing these cats like more than to play and will make up their own games if they are left to their own devices for great lengths of time.

Turkish Angoras are definitely not lap cats, although they are not averse to a cuddle or two. However, they much prefer to play interactive games because they like to be kept busy and have a lot of energy to expend on a daily basis.


If you are finding it hard to choose a breed of cat to suit not only your lifestyle, but your personality too, the list above are some great suggestions as long as you are not looking to share your home with a lap cat, that is because these cats are larger than life characters that enjoy spending as much time around people as they can and will keep pace with you whatever you decide to do!



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