Cat Breeds with Cute Tufted Ears

Cat Breeds with Cute Tufted Ears

Cats are lovely creatures and for centuries they have kept their owners mesmerised with their antics. The Egyptians revered cats, but other civilisations thought of them as mystical too. Black cats, white cats, long-haired pussy cats and short-tailed ones, there's a myriad of choices when it comes to stunning looks. However, cats with gorgeously tufted ears really do stand out from the crowd.

With this said, there's often a little confusion between “ear furnishings” and “ear tufts” both of which are terms that describe the hair found in and around a cat's ears. Furnishings refers to the hair found inside of the ear and around it whereas “tufts” describes the hair found on the very tip of a cat's ears. Occasionally, ear tufts are also described as being “lynx tipping” and the reason for this is because they look very similar to the ears of a wild Lynx cat. Cats that boast these attractive traits include the following breeds:

The Maine Coon

Native to America, the Maine Coon is a cool looking character that boasts a long luxurious coat that offers the right amount of protection against the harsher conditions that often hits Maine. They are larger than life pussy cats, but are known to be gentle giants with laid-back, loving natures. The trait that really makes these cats so special is the gorgeous tufts of hair on the tips of their ears and the fact they have superb ear furnishings too. They are a brilliant choice as family pets because of their kind natures and the fact they just love being around people without being too clingy either.

Forest Cats

Both the Norwegian and the Siberian Forest cats have wonderfully thick lush coats that protect them from the elements. The Norwegian boasts beautiful tufted ears with hair that grows out from them too and it's this hair that curves so attractively around their faces with some cats boasting a length of 3” inches or more! Often referred to as a “Wedgie”, they are known for having extremely friendly personalities. The main difference in their natures is while the Siberian Forest cat likes to play the clown the Wedgie on the other hand, is more nurturing by nature. While the Siberian Forest cat doesn’t have very tufted ears, they do have fabulous ear furnishings which can grow incredibly long, a trait the adds to their overall appeal.

The American Bobtail

These lovely looking felines have a lot to boast about. They are kind and affectionate by nature yet they have a wild look about them which is accentuated by their tufty ears with are very Lynx-like. Longer haired Bobtails have a great shaggy look about them which just adds to their appeal.

LaPerm Cat

The elegant and beautiful LaPerm cat has gorgeously tufted ears although no tips to them. However, their ear furnishings can be quite extravagant which adds to their gorgeous looks. Kind and loving by nature, these pussy cats have been a popular choice with people the world over because they make such great family pets.

The American Curl Cat

Another gorgeous pussy cat, the American Curl has the most extraordinary ears. Not only are they extremely well furnished with hair growing luxuriantly out of them, but their ears also curl inwards giving the breed their unique look. However, the shape of their ears is due to a gene mutation, much the same as it is in the Scottish Fold. American Curls are lovely characters too, with kind and loyal natures which has made them an incredibly popular choice as family pets all over the planet.

Long-haired Colour-point Cats

When it comes to cute, it really doesn't get much cuter than long-haired colour-point pussy cats with their lush ear furnishings and gorgeous looks. Needless to say, all colour-points have been popular choices as family pets and companions because not only are they so beautiful, but they boast quite extraordinary personalities too. Some of these pussy cats are extremely talkative and will keep a conversation going for hours.

The Highlander

This is one very proud and good looking cat with their extraordinary shaped ears and lovely furnishings. Although no tipping on their ears, the Highlander does boast a fine amount of hair growing out from them which adds to their overall appeal. They are very loyal and loving characters by nature which has seen them find a place in many a heart and home here in the UK and elsewhere in the world.


There are some stunning breeds of cat in the world and they all have their own unique characteristics and traits. Breeds with luxurious ear furnishings and lovely tipped ears stand out from the rest because of their uniqueness. However, it's not just their gorgeous looks that make them so popular, it's also the fact they boast such lovely personalities. If you are looking to share your home with a lovely, unique looking pussy cat, you would not go far wrong in choosing any breed from the list above because they are all stunning looking and loving characters by nature.

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