Choosing the longhaired dog breed that is right for you

Choosing the longhaired dog breed that is right for you

Breed Facts

Some of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world are longhaired, and there is an undeniable appeal to owning a dog with a long, thick luxurious coat. Understandably, longhaired dogs require a lot more maintenance and care of their coats than their shorthaired counterparts, and if you are considering buying a longhaired dog, you must be prepared to commit to taking care of their flowing locks!

Exactly how much care the coat of a longhaired dog will need varies from breed to breed; some will simply require brushing or combing out every day or so to keep them in good condition, while others may need intensive grooming and coiffing several times a week, and regular trips to a grooming parlour too.

If you understand the commitment required in taking on a longhaired dog and are certain that you’re up to the challenge, read on for our suggestions of some lovely longhaired dog breeds.

Longhaired dogs from within the toy dog grouping are particularly popular as pets, as toy dogs tend to lead rather pampered lives anyway! The longhaired Yorkshire Terrier is always a popular pick, and with their silky locks, they are not as difficult to groom as some other smaller breeds with long hair.

The Pomeranian dog is sometimes known as the “Pom Pom,” as they appear at first glance to be a giant fluffy ball of soft fur! Their coats are dense and textured, meaning that they require both brushing and combing to get right down to the roots of the fur and keep their coats knot-free and in good condition.

The Pekingese is one of the most popular longhaired toy dog breeds, with a rich, thick coat that is relatively heavy. Lots of brushing and grooming is required, and possibly, trimming during the warmer months of the year to ensure that they are kept comfortable.

The Red Setter is one of the most beautiful dogs of them all, with their deep red flowing locks! They appear to glow a deep ruby red colour, and have long, smooth and fine coats that are delightful to stroke! While their long locks can be prone to knotting, they do not tend to form mats, and so combing out once a day is usually sufficient.

From the same breed grouping comes the Irish Red and White Setter, the Gordon Setter and the English Setter, all with the same flowing, soft coat but available in a range of different colours.

Terriers are usually thought of as being shorthaired dogs with a rough, wiry coat, but this is not always the case! Check out the Skye Terrier for a study in contradictions, as the petite and appealing Skye Terrier has a very long, straight coat that often obscures their eyes! However, you might have to wait a while to find a Skye Terrier offered for sale- they are relatively uncommon within the UK today, and are in fact classed as one of the UK’s vulnerable native dog breeds.

Longhaired working dogs are definitely not for the faint hearted, because as well as having beautiful long coats, they are also high-energy dogs that require a lot of exercise and stimulation, and also have a propensity to get dirty!

If this doesn’t phase you, the first dog you should check out is the Old English Sheepdog- although you might think of them as the “Dulux Dog!” These large, fairly heavy and slow-moving dogs have a fabulously soft grey and white coat, which is both long and thick. Significant attention is required from their owners to keep their coats in good condition, however, including regular brushing and bathing. You may also want to consider having the dog clipped off during the summer months in order to keep them comfortable.

If you are looking for a dog that is almost literally larger than life, the fabulous Newfoundland dog is definitely worthy of consideration. The Newfoundland is a giant dog breed, so if you are considering owning one, considerations about their coat are just one of the factors to bear in mind!

They have a medium long, wavy or curly coat, which is unique in as much as it does not tend to hold water, and so is very silky and smooth. While this also makes the coat easier to care for than some other longhaired breeds, this bonus is somewhat negated by the sheer amount of hair that is present on the dog!

No article on great longhaired dogs would be complete without mentioning the graceful, slinky and smooth Afghan Hound. These dogs are truly distinctive, with the longest coat of them all and the elegance to carry it off! The Afghan Hound does require a significant amount of grooming to keep them in good condition, however, as they are prone to tangling and matting if not combed out regularly!

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