Choosing the Perfect Canine Friend – Pedigree or Mixed Breed ?

Choosing the Perfect Canine Friend – Pedigree or Mixed Breed ?

Life As A Pet Parent

Deciding to share your home with a canine friend takes a lot of careful thought. There's the responsibility of looking after a dog correctly, sorting out some good insurance cover for a new pet and then offering a cute puppy or older rescue dog a safe and secure environment to live in. On the other hand, there's all the benefits a dog can offer you and the list is long. However, there's one thing for sure which is that sharing your life with a canine friend will help make you a happier and healthier person. When considering what breed or size of dog would suit your lifestyle the best, there are certain important factors to think about some of which are listed below:

Does Size Matter?

When it comes to the size of a dog, you need to thing about your lifestyle. Will you be able to cope with the needs of the dog you take home with you. It may sound reasonable to think a smaller dog would be better suited for someone who lives in a flat or apartment, but this is not necessarily always the case. No matter what size a dog happens to be, they still need regular exercise, they still need to have lots of outdoor activity to stay healthy and happy, although some dogs no matter what their size, need more than others.

A good example of this is a large Newfoundland would be quite happy to spend more time lounging around the home and taking quiet, leisurely walks, whereas a little terrier would much prefer to be busy, rushing around doing things. A terrier therefore needs a ton of outdoor stimulation and exercise but the big Newfoundland would take life a lot slower and calmer – which all leads to the fact, it really does depend on the temperament of the dog as well as their size.

Mature Adult Dog Or Cute Untrained Little Puppy?

Puppies are cute, they're always busy and playful. They are adorable little creatures but there's a price to pay because puppies come with so much more responsibility. There's the house training to consider and all those little accidents that are bound to happen until the cute little thing has learnt the rules. Then there's the “chewing” period to have to go through – and this means a lot of training needs to be done so the newcomer understands that chewing a toy is okay, but a chair let is not.

You need to ask yourself if everyone in your household would be able to cope with a new puppy in the home or would an older dog be that much easier to introduce into the family? A lot of people understand the needs of a puppy often outweighs their cuteness and opt to contact a rescue centre so they can adopt an older canine friend, offering them a new and caring home.

Mixed Breed or Pedigree?

There are some stunning pedigree dogs around, some of which are quite rare and beautiful like the Komondor or the more popular little Shih Tzu. However, there are some stunning mongrels too. Naturally, you might prefer a pure bred dog because you might be thinking about showing them or you are particularly drawn to their “characteristics” and looks.

The thing about “mongrels” or mixed breed dogs is each one of them is a pretty unique dog. They are “one of a kind” canines and are often much more resilient when it comes to common illnesses and diseases that can affect many pedigrees. There are some people who believe that mongrels are more intelligent too, but this is just a matter of opinion.

With this said there are pros and cons to choosing a pedigree dog and the same goes for owning a mixed breed dog. Some of which are listed below:

The Pros & Cons Owning a Pedigree Dog

The Pros:

  • The pros of owning a pedigree are that you know exactly what you are getting in the way of canine characteristics and this includes size
  • You will know about their temperaments and personalities

The Cons:

  • Pedigree dogs are at greater risk of suffering from genetic health disorders
  • They are more expensive to buy, unless you intend on offering a pedigree a home that's living in a rescue centre
  • Every dog has a different personality and character which means not all pedigree breed may have the same temperament

The Pros & Cons of Owning a Mixed Breed

The Pros:

  • Mixed breed dogs can boast a genetic diversity which means they are far less prone to suffering from health problems
  • Mongrels tend to have all the desirable qualities of their parentage and this includes size, personality and temperament
  • They are far less expensive to buy and if you do adopt a mongrel from an animal rescue centre, the fee to do so is normally just a nominal “adoption” fee

The Cons:

  • There's less certainty when it comes to behaviour and physical characteristics and this is especially true if you adopt a mixed bred puppy. With this said, it you know a puppy's parentage, then you would stand a better chance of knowing just how your puppy may turn out.
  • Adopting the characteristics on more than one breed of dog is usually good, but not always. Some mixed breeds adopt the bad in their lines too!

The Importance of Matching a Dog's Happiness with Your Own

There are many different type of pedigree dogs but when it comes to mixed breeds, it goes without saying there are heaps more. Matching your personality and your lifestyle to the perfect dog can take a bit of doing. But there are certain things you need to think about which are as follows:

  • Are you an outgoing sort of person who loves the great outdoors? If this is the case, then you should think about giving a home to an energetic, outgoing type of dog – whether it's a pedigree or a mongrel
  • Are you more of an “indoor” person who likes to go out occasionally and would like to have a dog so you get more motivated? If so, then maybe you need a calmer sort of dog, a relaxed laid back character that will enjoy a daily walk and your company
  • Do you have very young children? If this is the case, then maybe you would be better off adopting a more mature dog who would cope better when the kids are being boisterous

You really need to assess your home environment before you make your final decision. After this you need to look for the right places to find your perfect canine friend. You may like to contact an animal rescue centre and there are many which are breed specific if you're hoping to get a pedigree. However, if you've set your heart on adopting a mongrel, there are so many of these gorgeous creatures that would love to be offered a new and loving home.

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