Christmas 2016 present ideas for dogs

Christmas 2016 present ideas for dogs


As Christmas is fast approaching, many dog owners are turning their thoughts to what they can get for their dogs this year and as occurs every Christmas, there are a huge range of new products and different options on offer and coming to the market just in time for the festive season!

If you are flummoxed about what to buy for your dog this Christmas and don’t want to revert to the usual ready-prepared dog stocking filled with treats, this article will provide you with some inspiration on present suggestions for your dog for Christmas 2016. Read on to learn more!

A gift subscription box

Monthly gift subscription boxes are something that have taken off in a big way in the UK over the last couple of years, with beauty, lifestyle and homeware offerings among many others! There are also various different options for dogs too these days, providing a monthly delivery of a selection of toys and treats for a set period, from three months to a year.

Signing your dog up for one of the various gift subscription boxes that are on offer is a great way to get your dog a surprise gift that they can open not only on Christmas day, but every month thereafter for the term of the subscription.

A stuffable treat toy

Dogs love treats, but they also like having things to do and play with as well! Kill two birds with one stone by purchasing your dog an interactive toy that can be stuffed with treats or pastes, which your dog will have to work at to earn their reward!

Kong is the main brand that makes interactive and stuffable toys that are hardwearing and designed in various styles, materials and sizes to meet the needs of all dogs-but there are a huge range of other options too, so shop around, and pick something that your dog will love. Don’t forget the treats to stuff the new toy with too!

An over-packaged parcel

Regardless of what you buy for your dog, the attention and excitement of having a present is something that dogs usually respond to even more positively than children do! Picking a main present for your dog and wrapping it up in multiple layers with the odd treat or smaller toy hidden within the paper is a great idea for dogs.

Think pass the parcel, only with one child getting all of the prizes! Wrap the layers loosely, and keep an eye on your dog when they are unwrapping it to ensure that they are getting on ok, and are not getting destructive!

A personalised collar

Treating your dog to a new collar and lead is a useful and practical gift, and you can buy collars and leads in a wide range of colours and personalisation options too. As well as being able to have your dog’s name embroidered on their collar, you can also have other messages printed instead. If your dog is a little shy, why not get them a collar that mentions this, so that people will approach carefully.

Or if your dog is something of a canine dustbin and is always scavenging for food, “do not feed me!” may be more appropriate!

A treasure hunt

Buying your dog a range of small, inexpensive presents and turning the gifting into a treasure hunt will be really good fun and entertainment for your dog, and allows you to get your dog involved in the whole excitement of Christmas!

Wrap and place your toys and treats at various points around the home and garden, and encourage your dog to go looking for them with you!

A new bed

Replacing your dog’s bed is something that you may need to do at different stages of their life, as they get older, larger and have different needs. Saving up to get your dog a premium bed that is well padded, orthopaedic or otherwise designed to last and provide superior comfort and support is a gift that will keep on rewarding your dog for the remainder of the year, and beyond!

A subscription to a doggy day-care

Doggy day-care facilities are popping up all over the UK these days, and not only do they provide a great option for working people to leave their dogs somewhere safe and supervised during the day, but they are also great fun for lively, outgoing dogs that love to play with others!

If your dog has the type of personality that thrives in large, excited social groups of dogs, booking them an afternoon at a doggy day-care facility is the canine equivalent of being invited to a party. Your dog will be able to make new friends, play with a whole range of new and often expensive toys, and to burn off their excess energy!



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