Christmas Presents For Cats

Christmas Presents For Cats

Buying your cat a present at Christmas may seem silly to some people but for many cat owners it is a great way to include their beloved pet during the festivities. On Christmas day everybody in the household has a present to open, so why not the cat? Whether you have a kitten that is constantly batting at the baubles on the tree or an old feline that spends the day huddled by the fire, there will be a suitably priced present that will enhance their day. The majority of owners will not be able to afford expensive presents for the cat once all the Christmas essentials have been paid for, however this doesn't mean that the cat needs to go empty pawed. There are plenty of cheap presents to be found, along with slightly more luxury gifts for those owners that want to spend a little bit more.

Cheap Gifts

The reality is that Christmas entails a whole host of expenses and the pet cat is probably somewhere at the bottom of the list. Most cats will barely notice Christmas so it seems unnecessary to spend a fortune on them. There are plenty of presents for cats that are cheap but will make the day interesting for your feline friend.

  • A Piece of String – Just like young children opting to play with the cardboard box of their expensive new toy, kittens, and young cats in particular, will enjoy playing with a simple piece of string as much as anything else on Christmas day. Dangle the string in front of your cat and swing it around or trail it along the floor until the cat chases it. You can play this game with cats of any age, young or old, and you'll soon see their natural instincts kick in. It's likely that you will get sick of this game well before your cat does!
  • Cat Treats – A packet of your cat’s favourite treats will certainly be a hit! Remember that at Christmas the pet shops will stock festive treats, which are likely going to be a lot more expensive due to the added Christmas premium. Save yourself money by just buying a regular pack of treats because your cat obviously won't care!
  • Practical Gifts – A new bowl, a collar or tag may seem like a fairly boring present but if your cat needs a new one anyway then you aren't wasting money. At least then you will feel that you have treated your cat but also bought a practical gift that will actually be used everyday.

Mid-Range Gifts

So maybe you would like to spend a little extra on your cat this Christmas but don't want to go overboard? In that case there are plenty of presents for cats that cost between £10 and £50 that will make Christmas extra-special for your pet.

  • A Scratch Post – Scratch posts can include platforms and toys that will keep cats of all ages occupied for hours on end. From basic small scratching posts to massive multi-level complexes, these gifts come in a range of prices from around £15.
  • A Christmas Stocking – All major food stores and pet shops sell cat Christmas Stockings during the festive season. The stockings usually comprise of various treats and toys.
  • Toys – Cat tunnels, batting practice posts and massage centres all provide interesting and unique toys for your cat this Christmas.

Luxury Gifts

For the most pampered cat in the world there are of course plenty of luxury items to choose from ranging from items that cost hundreds to bespoke pet furniture costing thousands.

  • Cat Furniture – Believe it or not you can actually buy furniture specifically crafted for cats, with many items including beds and sofas to choose from. If you can afford them, you'll find some businesses that will actually design bespoke furniture to your specifications.
  • A Diamond Encrusted Collar – Perhaps not actual diamonds but there are crystal covered hand-crafted collars available at boutiques that are just as sparkly as the real thing. If your cat goes outdoors then be prepared for the collar to be ruined in only a short space of time though!
  • A Remote Control Rat – Fool your cat with a remote control rat or mouse that it will have fun chasing for hours. This will be just as much a gift for you as it is for your pet and will certainly provide lots of laughs on Christmas day.

It is easy to forget the pets on Christmas Day with everything that's going on so be sure to include them somehow. Presents aren't really necessary but they are a way to remind the family to pay some attention to the cat. If money is short then just remember that your cat will be just as happy with a special meal and cuddle as anything else!



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