Christmas Presents For Horse Lovers

If your significant other, child or someone else close to your is horse mad, there are loads of different products and offerings on sale for Christmas presents that are useful, helpful or innovative, and no shortage of places trying to shill them!

However, knowing what to buy for the horse lover in your life can be challenging, particularly if you are not into horses and ponies yourself and so, are not really sure what a lot of the equipment required is used for, or what is needed.

Whether you want to buy something fun, useful or unusual for your favourite horse lover, in this article we will share some ideas and suggestions of what to get for them, which are more original than simply a gift voucher or horse-themed jumper! Read on for our ideas.

Something personalised

Because most horses and ponies are kept with others owned by other people in shared facilities or livery yards, something personalised with the name of the horse and/or owner always goes down well, and can help the horse lover in your life to keep track of their things if everyone else on the yard also owns very similar kit!

From personalised nameplates to fix to stable doors or their area of the tack room, the possibilities are endless, and you can even buy rugs and other equipment embroidered with names and other details too!

A course of lessons

Riding lessons are hugely useful for all horses and riders, but they are also rather expensive! Paying for an extended or special lesson or a course of lessons with your horse lover’s favourite instructor or one that they are keen to learn from can make for a really valuable gift that will hold value long after the presents have all been opened!

Something matching a theme

Many horse and pony owners-particularly children-love to coordinate everything they have in the same colour, and with the range of options available today, this encompasses a whole rainbow! From handy, inexpensive tools like feed stirrers to essentials like head collars and leads, if you can find what you are looking for in your friend’s favourite colour when they don’t already have it, this is sure to go down well.

A masterclass or experience day

Experience days that can be booked online for the recipient to enjoy on a date of their choosing can be a really brilliant gift idea for the horse lover who has everything, or who wants to try something new.

Booking a masterclass, trip or session to a riding centre or with a specific instructor is always good, and you may also want to consider booking your friend an experience day to try something different, such as Western riding, side saddle or an equine sport!

Glittery hoof oil

Glittery hoof oil is a relatively new product that first made it onto the shelves a couple of Christmases ago, and that quickly became a firm favourite with younger riders and old hands alike!

It does exactly what it says on the tin (literally!) and is simply standard nourishing hoof oil that is filled with coloured glitter, to add a festive touch to the horse or ponies’ hooves for special occasions or that Christmas morning ride!

Something warm

Warm, windproof and waterproof clothing is always needed by horse owners, because winter stable management and riding can be rather bracing, to say the least! Investing in something thermal, windproof or able to resist the heaviest unexpected storm will always go down well, whether that be a pair of warm socks or an expensive new riding jacket.

Something comfortable

Anything designed to make riding or yard work more comfortable is also always popular with horse lovers, and again, the potential options are virtually limitless! A gel-filled numnah or saddle pad can help to improve the shock absorption and add comfort when riding, as can gel inserts for riding boots for those freezing cold dismounts that are sometimes hugely painful!

Have a think about your favourite rider’s most common aches, pains or complaints, and see what you can find to make things more comfortable for them.

Something funny

One thing that all horse owners need in bucket loads is a good sense of humour, so something that appeals to this will usually go down well! Be it a caricature of your friend in their horse, a novelty product such as a decorative riding hat cover or whatever else catches your attention, if you aren’t sure what to get, something funny will invariably raise a smile.

Something pampering

After a long, hard day at the yard riding and working in the winter, the average horse owner is cold, wet and tired and wants nothing more than a long. Hot bath to ease their aching bones. A bath gift set or something else for a little pampering will usually be well received, particularly if your friend’s other presents are likely to be all horse-related!

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