Cockatoos: The Most Affectionate Parrots on the Planet

Cockatoos: The Most Affectionate Parrots on the Planet

There are some truly beautiful parrots on the planet, some small and some very large and quite intimidating birds. If you are new to the world of parrots, but are seriously thinking about sharing your home with a feathered friend, there are certain species which are known to be a lot more people-friendly than others, one of which is the lovely and affectionate cockatoo.


These very attractive birds have a reputation for being one of the friendliest parrots around. They love it when you interact with them and they adore being held and even cuddled. Very often Cockatoos don't act like birds at all, but more like dogs. As a bonus, they are very easy to train because they just love to please their human owners.

What to Expect From a Cockatoo

As with any other pet, you need to do your research first before deciding to share your home with a feathered companion. The one thing you cannot do is leave a cockatoo to their own devices for great lengths of time. They may be one of the most affectionate parrots around, but they need to be shown lots of love and affection for them to be truly happy.

In short, you need to be sure you have enough time to spend in the company of your feathered friend every day giving them all the attention and love they need to stay happy and healthy. If you don't spend a lot of your free time at home, then it would be a serious mistake to get a parrot because they would end up being extremely unhappy all due to the fact they spend too much time alone.

Lack of Love and Attention Can Lead to Lots of Problems

Although cockatoos are such loving birds, they are also quite demanding and if they are left to their own devices for great lengths of time, they can develop all sorts of very disturbing behavioural problems. Their need for love and affection is often a little too much for many people to cope with because they more time they spend alone, the more demanding and neurotic they become.

Consistency is Essential

It's very easy to spend a lot of time with a new pet and lavish them with all the attention they need. However, when the novelty wears off and you start spending less time with a cockatoo, this is when the problems can really start setting in. Behavioural problems may well include your feathered friend becoming extremely vocal to the point of screaming incessantly which can make life very difficult in the home. Not having enough time to spend with your cockatoo will lead them being very unhappy birds.

Other Parrots Known for the Affection

There are other species of parrots which are known for being affectionate some of which develop very strong bonds with the human owners. This is especially true as many parrots boast incredibly long lifespans. A truly happy parrot doesn't develop behavioural problems like feather-plucking.

Lovebirds and Senegals

If you think a cockatoo might be too much for you, Lovebirds and Senegals are very affectionate and loving birds too and they make great pets. These lovely birds settle into a family's lifestyle a lot more easily and are nowhere near as demanding as other breeds simply because they don't want to be the centre of attention all of the time.

Budgies and Parakeets

Budgies have been one of the most popular little parrots to keep as pets for decades for good reason. They are very amusing little birds and they form strong bonds with the people who care of them. Parakeets too can bring a ray of sunshine into your home with their funny antics. The best part being that both of these birds are very good at keeping themselves entertained!


Sharing a home with a colourful and entertaining parrot is not a decision that should ever be taken lightly. It's a huge responsibility and some of our feathered friends are a lot more demanding than others which means you have to devote a lot of your time to them. However, if you are looking for an exceptionally affectionate parrot to share your home with and are sure you have all the time to devote to them, a cockatoo could be the perfect parrot for you.



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