Considerations for ownership of the Sealyham terrier

Considerations for ownership of the Sealyham terrier

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The Sealyham terrier is a Welsh breed of small terrier that is white bodied with a rough or broken coat, and which at first glance, shares some similarities with the white West Highland terrier. However, the shape of the head and general conformation of the Sealyham is rather different, something that is obvious to enthusiasts when you take a closer look! The breed was developed in Pembrokeshire, Wales in the 19th century, and became very popular all across the UK shortly after the First World War, when they were commonly owned by both members of the British royal family, and various Hollywood stars.

However, in the present day, the breed is much less common than it has been historically, and is classed as one of the vulnerable native dog breeds by the UK Kennel Club, with less than 300 puppies of the breed being registered each year. This means that ultimately, the breed is at potential risk of dying out entirely, and ownership of the breed is widely promoted, with owners of good quality Sealyham terriers being encouraged to breed healthy puppies. Generally, only a few Sealyham puppies are available at any given time within the UK, but if you are on the lookout for a small, bold and lively terrier dog, considering ownership of a Sealyham terrier could help to keep the breed viable in perpetuity.

In this article, we will cover the core temperament traits and care requirements of the Sealyham terrier, in order to provide you with some more information. Read on to learn more.

What are their temperaments like?

The Sealyham terrier is considered to be a versatile little dog, which is equally suited to working roles or life as a family pet. They are perfectly comfortable in the company of people or other dogs, but are not particularly clingy, and are also happy left to their own devices for a few hours at a time.

They are fun loving, excitable dogs that can be prone to being boisterous, and are also rather vocal, barking to chat to their owners and when they wish to catch your attention! They are loyal, loving family dogs that are very adaptable, and happy to live either in the country within a working role, or in suburbia as a pet alone.

How much exercise do they require?

The Sealyham terrier has a working history, which means that they are intelligent, tenacious and lively dogs that like to work and spend time outside. A short, sedentary daily walk on the lead will not be sufficient to fulfil their exercise requirements, but they do not have particularly onerous exercise needs either, and an active, lively hour long walk twice per day is usually sufficient to keep them fit and happy.

Are they easy to train?

The breed has a strong working instinct, and historically were widely used as ratters, to control vermin levels in various environments. Harnessing their natural working instincts while training the dog is the best way to keep their attention and get them willing to learn and comply, and providing that training is tailored to suit their personalities, they are reasonably good to train.

They require clear direction and short, varied training sessions, and can be prone to stubbornness when it suits them! They can retain a reasonable amount of different commands, and are usually responsive and obedient when properly trained.

Are they good with other animals?

The strong hunting instincts of the Sealyham terrier means that they have a pronounced prey drive, and may pursue small wildlife outside of the home. They are formidable ratters, and will get very excited if they catch the scent of vermin, and become very tenacious when trying to catch it, making them generally unsuitable for a home that keeps small, caged pets.

However, they can be taught to respect and live happily with cats, and not to chase cats outside of the home. Introductions to an adult cat when the dog is still a puppy is the best way to train them to behave properly around cats.

Assuming that the dog is well socialised with other dogs when young, they generally get on well with other dogs, and can live happily with another dog within the home.

What type of homes do they suit?

The Sealyham terrier is a versatile, adaptable dog that fits well into homes large and small, and many different sorts of living situations. They are notably good with children, enjoying playing games of catch and running around with kids, and cuddling up on the sofa with their family.

They are happy in both the country and suburban settings, providing that they get enough exercise and have good access to a suitable outdoors area to play and run around in. They are loving, kind and enjoy attention from their families, but they also do not mind spending a couple of hours alone at home without becoming destructive.



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