Dangerous Places Where Cats Like to Hide

Dangerous Places Where Cats Like to Hide


There's nothing cats like more than finding a cosy, warm place to snuggle up in when they feel like it. Even when the weather is a bit warmer, cats still seem to find the best and quietest place to take a nap whether they are inside the house or in the great outdoors. However, some of the places they choose to tuck themselves away in are to say the least pretty scary to the point of being dangerous to their well-being.

One of the most notorious places that cats like to nestle in during the colder winter months is under the bonnet of a car where the engine is still warm. However, there are some pretty dangerous places around a home that kittens and cats can get into and which can get them into all sorts of trouble if nobody knows they are there.

Kitchen Appliances

If you have just decided to share your home with a dinky little kitten, then you're in for a few months of fun and games. The first thing any new cat owner needs to do before they bring a pet into their homes, is to make sure the house if “kitten safe”. This means taking out any plants that are poisonous to our feline friends and making sure “little one” cannot escape into the great outdoors before they've had all their vaccinations.

As everyone knows, kittens are extremely playful and they are very inquisitive by nature. In short, they will investigate everything they find interesting around their new home. They will also be drawn to the cosiest and warmest places to tuck themselves away in when they feel like it which includes kitchen and laundry room appliances like dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. To keep your pet safe, you must always close the doors of all appliances to avoid them sneaking in and then you turning the machines on with your kitten or cat inside which could prove fatal.

Wood Burning Stoves

It's quite common practice to leave the doors of a wood burning stove open when they've just been cleaned out and new material has been put in ready to be lit later on. Young cats and more especially kittens are still learning about everything they find in their environments and might find the inside of the stove a wonderfully cosy place to snuggle up in. Before you light a wood burning stove, it's essential to check inside before you do because you may just find your little feline friend in there napping!

Reclining Chairs

Reclining chairs are super comfortable and more homes than ever seem to have one or two of these items of furniture in them. However, although people find it relaxing to sit in a recliner, they pose a real problem for small pets like kittens and young cats because they offer the ideal place to snuggle up in. It's important to check your little furry friend is not hiding under the seat before you sit down and put the chair in the reclining position or you may end up causing them serious injury.

Cardboard Boxes

Cats love playing around in cardboard boxes and if the truth be known, they make the best and most inexpensive toys you can ever give to a cat. However, if you have just got a kitten, you need to be a little careful because you might find your tiny little furry friend has jumped into a small box and fallen asleep in it. In short, before you throw any cardboard boxes away or put them outside, you need to check inside to make sure kitty is not snuggled up in any of them!

Suitcases and Gym Bags

Cats and kittens often love to get into a suitcase or gym bag as soon as you take them out of a closet. If you are going away and packing a bag, make sure your pet is not in it or you might end up taking them with you.

Furniture Drawers

Furniture drawers are especially inviting to our feline friends, especially if they are full of clean, soft clothes for them to lie on. It’s important to close the drawers or you might trap your kitty in their which might frighten them not to mention all the cat hairs they’ll leave behind!

Car Boots

If your garage joins onto the house and you regularly take all your shopping out of the boot once you’ve parked up, it’s really important to check the boot before you close it again. You might find that pussy cat has jumped in there to do a little investigating before taking a nap. If you drive off with your pet in the boot it could be quite dangerous for them because of all the exhaust fumes!


If you are new to sharing your home with a feline companion there’s a lot to think about when it comes to keeping them safe in the home or outside in the garden. Cats are notorious for finding the warmest and quietest places to take a nap in and all too often these cosy spots can be quite dangerous to them which is especially true when it comes to kitchen appliances and under the bonnet of a car. You should always check your pet has not snuggled up somewhere they could get injured and to always shut doors and drawers to prevent your kitty from going anywhere they shouldn’t.

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