Dassa's interesting breed mix discovered with Wisdom Panel DNA test

Dassa's interesting breed mix discovered with Wisdom Panel DNA test


The connection was instant between Laura and her loving street rescue dog Dassa. The love between them is almost tangible and with such a strong connection it's not surprising to hear that Laura has totted up over £5000 in vets’ bills trying to get to the root of Dassa’s health problems and a further £1000 on behavioural support since adopting her in 2019. 

Laura finally decided she needed to investigate further and used a Wisdom Panel DNA test on Dassa’s saliva. She ran two simple swab tests, at home, which revealed vital information on Dassa’s background that has helped unlock her health and behaviour problems.

Tests revealed that Dassa was a mixture 15% Croatian Shepherd Dog, 12% German Hunting Terrier, 10% Street Dog, 8% Hound and 7% Mountain Dog. These results explained the variety of behaviours Dassa was expressing and helped Laura train her more appropriately for her breed, they also explained why she looks so “fox” like in appearance. 

Not only did Dassa’s heath test results unravel the mystery of Dassa’s extra toes, but coupled with the breed information, her vet targeted her treatment according to her known breed dispositions and improve Dassa’s healthcare as a result! 

A whopping 2.7 million dogs have been tested by their owners using Wisdom Panel. These owners have trusted the science and have been able to deep dive into the unseen and the unknown to provide vital information about their dogs. 

A recent report issued by the PDSA says that 6% of dogs in the UK have been acquired from abroad, that’s 150,000 dogs with no proven history. Couple that with that fact that 45% of owners report having concerns about walking their dogs and 11% report that their dogs show signs of distress when left alone, turning to DNA testing can help us understand our dogs on a deeper level and be better dog parents. 

Laura says that the results of the testing marked a huge turning point for her and Dassa and she not only feels so much clearer on how to treat Dassa, but she understands her in a way she did not before. 

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