Do You Know What Stresses Cats Out the Most?

Do You Know What Stresses Cats Out the Most?


All cat owners usually recognise when their pets are stressed out and it goes without saying that our little feline friends like the easy life. Cats are never happier than when everything stays pretty much the same day in day out with lots of snooze time. When it comes to sticking to a routine and knowing their territory, cats really take the biscuit. As such anything, person or other animal that disturbs their karma or threatens to alter this routine, is going to stress them out and they will soon let you know about it.

What Causes These Feline Upsets?

There are many things that can stress a cat out with the main one being having to move house which has to be one of the most stressful things you can ask of your pussy cat – although on the rare occasion you will find a cat that takes it all in their stride. Other things that are high on the list include the following:

  • Other cats entering their domain or territory
  • Other cats bullying them
  • Sickness, trauma or an accident can really stress out your cat
  • Changing their routine is a no-no – if you change your working hours this can have quite an impact on your furry little friend
  • Changes within the household - this includes a new baby arriving on the scene but even if another adult moves into the home, this can be stressful for your cat too. The other thing to bear in mind is that visitors may make them extremely unhappy and nervous as well

Signs Your Cat Might be Stressed Out

When a cat feels stressed, they show this in many different ways which includes the following:

  • They may start over-grooming themselves and will even lick areas on their bodies till they are red raw
  • Ignoring you totally, not responding when you call them and refusing to be petted
  • Loss of appetite
  • Hiding somewhere they feel safe which could be under the bed or behind the sofa where they think they are out of harm's way
  • Spitting and hissing when anyone tries to approach them
  • Running away as soon as anyone even looks at them
  • Doing their business where they should not in the house

What Can You Do to De-stress Your Cat

Of course, there are other things that will stress out a cat which includes having to go to the vet and then there's the dreaded fireworks night. But for whatever reason you find your pet stressed out, you have to help them feel safe and secure again so they get back to being their old confident and happy selves.

The first thing you have to do is recognise just why your cat is stressed out and then do everything in your power to rectify the situation. If you find your cat is being bullied by other cats in the neighbourhood, there's really not much you can do aside from keeping them as an indoor moggy. The problem is that if they are used to going outside, being stuck indoors might prove a little stressful for them too!

Worth a Visit to the Vet

If you think your cat is stressed because they are feeling unwell, the first thing you have to do is get them to the vet so they can be checked over. Once a diagnosis has been made followed by a treatment, they will soon be on the road to recovery and their happy selves again.

It's All About Pheromones

Should you have to change your working hours and find that it negatively impacts your cat's happiness, consider investing in some plug-in pheromones which could help them cope with any stress they may be feeling at the change in their routine. You can ask your vet to recommend a product or they might even stock something which could be a little more effective as it would more than likely be more powerful than anything you can buy over-the-counter.

The Oh-so Stressful Trips to the Vet

It goes without saying that most animals don't like going to the vet although some love it and this is especially true of certain dogs. For cats, it's a whole different ball game and it's a lot for them to have to cope with – first there's the cat box to go in, then the car journey to have to deal with and finally all those strange smells at the veterinary clinic. All this paired to a little gentle prodding by a complete stranger adds up is a huge ask of a feline friend which naturally stresses them out.


Everyone likes to know their pets are happy, healthy and content but there are going to be moments and situations that will stress a cat out. If you have just got a feline friend and it's the first time you've owned one, it will take a bit of time to find out what their characters are like and how bold or brave they are. Every cat is different with their own unique personalities, but there are certain things which tend to stress all cats out. Knowing what these are helps you resolve the problem or more importantly to avoid them happening in the first place which means your little furry companion won't have to deal with any stressful situations that often!



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