Does a Breed of Dog Say a Lot About Their Owner?

Does a Breed of Dog Say a Lot About Their Owner?

A recent study that was presented at the British Psychological Society demonstrated that dog breeds did in fact, reflect certain characteristics of their owner's very individual personalities, so the old adage of dogs looking like their owners could be true but then so could the way they behave.

Famous people with their chosen breeds of dog, in many respects definitely show this to be true. There are lots of images of celebrities cuddling and kissing their four legged friends and this together with the results of the study, has got a lot of people taking a closer look at their four legged pooches before looking at themselves in the mirror. Have you ever assessed just how much of your character is portrayed in your “best friend”?

Below are some of the traits that various breeds boast and how they may just be reflected in their famous owner's characteristics too!

The Extrovert Trait

What is termed as utility and pastoral breeds are known to be real extroverts. But what is an “extrovert” in human terms? It's someone who adores being the “life and soul” of a party, who is outgoing and talkative all of the time with loads of energy to get rid of.

The extrovert pastoral breeds that make such popular pets are the busy collies, sheepdogs, corgis and lovely heelers of this world. When it comes to utility breeds, you've got Dalmatians, poodles, schnauzers, bulldogs and shar peis to name but a few. Then you have the famous, celebrity owners who include the following:

  • Winston Churchill owned a Bulldog as does Adam Sandler
  • Chris Evans, TV/radio presenter and actor is the proud owner of a German Shepherd
  • Her Majesty the Queen owns Pembroke Welsh Corgis
  • Oprah Winfrey has a array of retrievers and spaniels
  • Actress Jean Shrimpton and her poodles
  • Jessica Alba has two dogs - an American Bulldog and a pug
  • Hugh Jackman has an adorable French bulldog
  • David Beckham has an English bulldog

The More Than Agreeable Trait

The friendly, loving breeds have to be gun dogs and a few of the toy breeds, although a few of the little creatures can at times be less than agreeable. But what does agreeable actually mean in human terms? Agreeableness is being the kind of person that everyone finds easy to get on with. People who are agreeable are always sympathetic to others and are careful not to tread on toes or hurt anyone's feelings. They are the sort of people who like to put others at ease.

In doggy terms, agreeableness is seen in breeds like spaniels and retrievers of every kind and this includes setters, Weimaraners and pointers. The little toy breeds that are usually so “agreeable” are Yorkshire terriers, Pomeranians and Chihuahuas to name but three – although there are always exceptions to this rule where little dogs are concerned. The celebrity owners of a few of these “agreeable” canines include the following:

  • Gwyneth Paltrow is the proud famous owner of a gorgeous looking Labrador retriever
  • Jennifer Aniston owns a superb looking golden retriever
  • Sir Isaac Newton owned a tiny Pomeranian
  • Paris Hilton owns multiple cute looking little Chihuahuas
  • Audrey Hepburn and her Yorkshire terriers
  • The Gossip Girl, Blake Lively owns a stylish looking Maltipoo

The Serious, Responsible & Conscientious Trait

Anyone who owns a gorgeously active utility dog is usually someone who is quite serious, responsible and conscientious. People who boast this particular characteristic are usually self-disciplined, they're dutiful and love to have order in their lives.

When it comes to our four legged friends, the dog, the conscientious trait is often seen in utility dogs which includes beautifully spotted Dalmatians, often aloof looking bulldogs and smartly clipped out poodles and schnauzers. Then you have the chow-chows and the lovely Boston terrier, the bull terrier and the Shih Tzu. Famous owners of these classy, conscientious minded pooches include names like:

  • Mariah Carey owns a well groomed Shih Tzu
  • Warren G. Harding owned a gorgeous Boston terrier
  • Gerald Ford and Helen Keller both owned Boston terriers too
  • Martha Stewart owns and shows stupendous looking chow-chows
  • Vin Diesel owns a very muscular Staffordshire bull terrier

The Trustworthy Trait

People who own hound dogs are thought to be emotionally stable. So what is “emotional stability” in human terms? People who are strong of character without a neurosis in sight or any traits of anxiety, stress or irritation are seen to be emotionally stable. They are calm and very cool and collected characters.

In doggy terms, this characteristic can often be found in breeds like the Rhodesian ridgeback, the gorgeous beagle, the cuter than cute dachshunds, greyhounds and whippets. When it comes to celebrities who boast owning canine characters that fit well into this category, you have names like:

  • George Washington was the famous owner of a foxhound
  • Lyndon B. Johnson owned a beefy beagle
  • Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas owns two stylish looking dachshunds

The Creative Spirit Trait

People who own toy breeds are often very open. But what does “open” mean in human terms? People that boast “open” personalities and natures are usually intelligent and always open to new ideas, experiences and have a love of the arts.

When it comes to breeds of dog with this “openness” there are a lot to choose from with Toy breeds like the Yorkshire terrier and Pomeranians really coming into their own. Pekingnese, pugs and Chihuahuas too have wonderful “open” personalities which is why they are some of the most popular dogs to own. Famous owners of these gorgeous cool breeds include celebrity names like the following:

  • Valentino the fashion designer owns a very stylish and well groomed pug
  • Natalie Portman, Alyson Hannigan and Paris Hilton are the proud owners of those gorgeously cute looking Yorkshire terriers
  • Simon Cowell owns a delightful looking cairn terrier

The Agreeable & Open Trait

People who own what is classed as working dogs tend to be open and agreeable to be around. So what does the term “agreeable and open” mean in human terms and how does this translate over to our canine friends? People who boast this trait are really easy to get along with. They sympathise with other people and care for their feelings always wanting to make anyone around them feel at ease.

Dogs with this lovely trait include Portuguese water dogs, wonderful Great Danes, St Bernards, boxes and Rottweilers. Celebrities who boast owning one of these breeds include names like:

  • Justin Timberlake who owns a delightful looking boxer
  • President Obama is the extremely proud owner of a much pampered and loved Portuguese water dog
  • Jim Carey, of Pet Detective fame owns an enormous Great Dane
  • Will Smith owns a smart looking Rottweiler

There are some great characters around in the dog world, and each dog has its own unique personality but very often there are a few traits that are reflected in their owners. It's no longer a case of a person looking like their canine friends any more, because all too often as the study shows, dogs can show the same character traits as their owners too!

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