Does owning two dogs mean twice the expense of one?

Does owning two dogs mean twice the expense of one?

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Dogs are social animals and unlike cats, usually enjoy living with another of their kind. Having canine company also helps to ensure that the two dogs go some way to keeping each other entertained and providing for some of their social interaction, although they also need plenty of both from their owner too.

However, owning one dog is expensive, and owning two can be prohibitively costly if you are responsible and do everything right; but does owning two dogs mean twice the expense of one? Yes and no, or rather, yes when it comes to some things you need to pay for to take care of your dogs, but no for others.

This article will provide some information on what sort of things cost twice as much for two dogs rather than one, and what sort of things allow you to make savings for the second dog. Read on to learn more.

Dog accessories

Dog accessories for two dogs costs twice as much as dog accessories for one, because they each need their own things and cannot share!

Accessories include things like collars, leads, bowls, bedding and toys, and these are things that you need for each dog individually, and potentially, in different types and sizes for each dog too.

Dog food

It might seem obvious that dog food for two dogs costs twice as much as for one; but maybe not! Obviously having two dogs means needing to provide twice as much food, but you might be able to benefit from an economy of scale here.

Buying twice as much food means that if that is the same food (for dogs that eat the same diet) you can buy larger packs of it and ensure it will be eaten before it goes bad or goes out of date, and the larger quantities you buy per pack or per order, the less they cost like for like than when you buy smaller amounts.

However, if your dogs have different foods, which they probably will unless they’re the same age and type (and maybe even then) then this saving won’t apply. Different ages or life stages, energy and activity levels, and dietary requirements mean different foods needed, and so no saving to be made there.

Dog insurance

Insuring two dogs means paying for two separate policies, and dog insurance for two dogs rather than one will cost almost twice as much. However, if you insure your two dogs via the same insurer, you may be able to make a saving.

The vast majority of dog insurers offer a multi-pet discount, so if you have two or more dogs (or even one dog and a cat) the cost of insuring the second may be 10-15% cheaper than their policy would otherwise be if you look for an insurer that offers this benefit.

Check this out before you buy your policy – you don’t always have to insure both dogs at once either, and another point to note is that most insurers offer a discount for buying your policy online too.

Veterinary fees

The costs of veterinary treatments for things like accidents and illnesses don’t really apply here as it is unlikely both dogs would get sick or injured at the same time in the same way, and even if they did, there wouldn’t be a discount on their treatment!

However, when it comes to things like preventative healthcare (flea and worming treatments etc) you may get a discount for buying twice the quantity, and buying larger packs of treatments (assuming both dogs have the same) is less costly than smaller packs too.

You might also find that when it comes to routine appointments for boosters and health checks, there is a small discount to take two dogs together, although this is not always the case.

Dog grooming

Yes, if you need to have both dogs professionally groomed or even just prefer to have a groomer bathe and dry your dogs, this costs twice as much for two dogs as for one, as it is twice the work and effort for the groomer.

Some groomers may offer a small discount or promotion to do two dogs together, but generally having two dogs groomed costs twice as much as having one dog groomed.

Assistance with caring for your dog (such as kennels or dog sitters)

Generally, dog walkers and sometimes boarding kennels will offer a small discount (anything from 10-20% on average) for a second dog to stay or be walked at the same time as another. This is not always the case though, particularly when it comes to dog walkers.

When it comes to pet sitting services that stay in your home, they will usually charge the same price or only a little higher to look after two dogs rather than one, unless the two dogs require twice the work, such as separate walks.

This is one cost that can be quite variable depending on where you live and what service you use, so all other things being equal, shop around to find a good offer.

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