Does Your Cat Rule the Roost in Your Home?

Does Your Cat Rule the Roost in Your Home?


If you share your home with a cat or cats, you know just how clever these little characters can be. Our feline friends are very good at turning their owners into their slaves. There's no escaping the fact that cats are loving, affectionate whilst at the same time being little dictators! They are good at letting their owners know when they are upset with them and with a single stare and whip of their tail you soon know the extent of their disdain. Is your moggy a bit of a bossy pus in boots and do they rule the roost in your home?

Below are a 6 scenarios which might just reveal who is the boss in your household.

Does Your Cat Turn Their Nose Up at Food?

Are your cupboards full of different brands and types of cat food? All of which have been purchased, put on your pet's plate only for them to turn their noses up at it the following day? If you are one of the lucky people who have found the right "formula" for your pussy cat and taken a big sigh of relief – you may find a couple of days down the line your precious moggy has changed their minds and no longer appreciate what you put on their plate! You may also find that instead of wanting to eat the food, they insist on trying to bury it!

Can You Move Your Cat When You Want to?

If you find you have to work around your cat instead of attempting to move them, then you can be sure of one thing and this is that you are definitely owned by your cat and not the other way around! If your beloved cat is asleep in a cosy sunny spot and you wait for them to move before you run the vacuum over the rug or you step over them rather then gently move them when they're fast asleep in a doorway or curled up on your favourite chair which sees you sit on another one – you know for a fact your cat is the "boss" in your home.

How Many Toys Does Your Cat Have?

Does your cat have a box or two full of toys which includes squeaky mice, balls of all shapes and sizes, lots of furry goodies they love to chase around the room, maybe a video or two of fish and birds they like to watch swim and fly across your TV screen? You may not have realised just how many toys you've bought for your moggy over the years and which they found amusing for about 20 minutes before moving on to a warm sunny window ledge to watch the birds outside or to curl up for yet another much needed snooze!

Do You Have a Dedicated Cupboard to Keep Cat Stuff in?

Do you have a cupboard or cabinet full of "cat stuff"? In fact, it's so full you may have to dedicate another space for the new things you buy for your pet! You probably have a collection of cat blankets, cat beds, scratching posts and other feline paraphernalia that you've collected over the years and which are now stored away out of sight to make way for newer items you keep buying for your favourite moggy. All this to keep them happy, occupied and content in between their cat naps – then it goes without saying that you love your cat but you are also their slave!

Is Your Laptop, Computer, Phone Full of Images of Your Cat?

If your phone, laptop or any other portable device is jammed packed with images of your moggy, then your beloved pet has got you just where they want you, which is naturally wrapped around their little paws. You may find you have to scroll down through a myriad of photos of your feline friend in all sorts of positions and up to all sorts of funny antics before you come across any photos of the family or friends. If this is the case there's no doubt at all as to who rules in your home!

Does Your Beloved Cat Have Water Bowls Upstairs and Down?

Do you put water bowls all over the house? Is there a water bowl upstairs for them and one in the kitchen, conservatory, on the patio and anywhere else you beloved moggy likes to spend their time? Do you leave a tap dripping in the kitchen, bathroom or outside because pussy cat loves to drink from it as well as swipe at it from time to time? After all, you would not like to think of your poor feline friend having to walk any distance to their water bowls and you're trying your hardest to stop them from drinking out of the toilet bowl! If this describes the set-up for your cat in your home – guess who rules the roost?


Anyone who shares their home with a feline friend, knows just how entertaining their pets can be albeit at times slightly quirky! You may not realise just how much influence your moggy has on you until you sit down and take stock of all the things you do for your pet - but only when they want you to! If you wake up earlier than usual, you can bet anything you like that your feline friend will be there waiting for you to fill up their food bowl – only to turn their noses up at it and walk off in a huff!

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