Essential information if you want to visit Crufts 2020

Essential information if you want to visit Crufts 2020

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Crufts 2020 is just around the corner, and if you’re attending the event as a visitor or are wondering how to go to Crufts 2020, planning ahead can save you time on the day and make sure you don’t miss anything when you get there.

Well over 100,000 people attend the Crufts event each year and the event is well planned to ensure that finding your way around Crufts, getting tickets and so on all goes smoothly and without incident; but it is always a good idea to check all of the essential details about the show and the arena in advance, and have a basic plan for the day itself.

With this in mind, this article will share the basic essential information you need to know if you want to go to Crufts 2020, including covering questions like “when is Crufts 2020” and “how much are Crufts tickets?” Read on to learn more.

When is Crufts 2020 on?

Crufts 2020 takes place over the course of four days, Thursday to Sunday (inclusive) 5th-8th March 2020.

Where is Crufts 2020 held?

Crufts 2020 will be held at Birmingham’s NEC Arena, which is on the outskirts of central Birmingham in the West Midlands, and very well served by rail and road links. It has its own train station (Birmingham International) and is opposite Birmingham International airport.

How do you get to Crufts?

To get to Crufts 2020 by train, most people get the train into one of the central Birmingham train stations and then it is just a short hop out from there. When you get off the train at Birmingham International, the NEC arena is just a couple of minutes’ walk away, following clear signs (and of course, the crowd) so you can’t miss it.

There are also lots of bus links to the NEC where Crufts is held, and many areas of the country will also see local and national coach companies offering coach tours to the event too.

By road, the NEC arena for Crufts is clearly signposted from all of the major arteries going into it, including the M6, M40, and M42. If you’re following a SatNav, the postcode for Crufts is B40 1NT.

The roads to and from the NEC tend to be very busy for Crufts, and so if you can, try to get a bus or a train. Parking at the NEC can be costly too, however, there are over 16,000 spaces in the nearby surrounding area and some car parks will permit you to buy a parking space in advance to make sure you can park on the day.

How much are tickets for Crufts?

Admission tickets for Crufts 2020 cost different amounts on different days, and child and senior citizen tickets are available.

  • On the Thursday and Friday, adult tickets cost £19 on the door, and child/OAP/disabled tickets £14.
  • On Saturday, adult tickets cost £22 on the door and child/OAP/disabled tickets are £17.
  • On Sunday, adult tickets are £21 on the door, and child/OAP/disabled tickets are £16.

Is there anything else to pay or do any of the Crufts 2020 events cost an additional fee?

Unfortunately so! If you wish to attend the Best in Show event that is the highlight of Crufts 2020, you have to buy an additional ticket for this separately, and numbers are limited and getting one is not guaranteed.

These cost from £19 each, and may sell out in advance.

The obedience ring also requires a separate admission fee too, and these often sell out in advance – tickets for each of the four days are £12 per event.

Do you have to buy tickets for Crufts 2020 in advance?

You can buy tickets for Crufts 2020 admission, plus Best in Show tickets and those for the obedience ring online in advance. If you buy your admission tickets in advance, you also make a saving on the on-the-day prices too.

However, the prices for the Best in Show event and obedience rings are fixed; but it is best to buy in advance to guarantee a ticket.

You can buy admission tickets on the door, and whilst you save some money buying online in advance, you can just turn up on the day.

Where can I get tickets for Crufts 2020?

You can buy tickets for Crufts 2020 and the supplementary events directly from The Kennel Club, or buy admission tickets at the gates on the day.

If any tickets for Best in Show and/or the obedience ring are left, these can be purchased on the day too.

Does everyone present on the last day of Crufts 2020 get to see the final?

No! The final, a.k.a. Best in Show event takes place on the Sunday evening, and this is the most popular part of the show, for which you need a special additional ticket as mentioned above.

If you attend on the Sunday, you won’t be able to get into the Best in Show arena without a ticket, although the event will be fully televised of course too.

What are the opening times for Crufts 2020?

The doors open at 8.15am each morning, and visitors are asked to leave Crufts 2020 by 6.30pm.



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