Exotic Animals that Make Great First Time Pets

Exotic Animals that Make Great First Time Pets

Sharing a home with a pet is extremely rewarding whether you have kids or not. However, introducing children to animals at an early age teaches them so much about responsibility and how important it is to care for other living things. There's such a brilliant choice of pets around these days that it can be hard to choose which would best fit in with your lifestyle, bearing in mind that looking after a pet may be extremely enjoyable, but it comes with a lot of commitment.

Some pets are easier to look after than others and some are a lot friendlier too, this includes the animals listed below.


Rabbits have been among the most popular family pets for decades and more so today than ever before. The great news being that a lot more is understood about these adorable little creatures and how they need to be looked after. Rabbits form strong bonds with the people they love and love spending time around them. However, like all other animals, every bunny boasts a unique personality with some being more outgoing than others.

They also boast long life spans so sharing a home with a bunny is a long-term commitment, with them often become a child's best buddy well into their teens. Rabbits are lovely pets whether they are kept indoor companions or in a lovely environment in an outdoor hutch and there's nothing they enjoy more than human companionship!

Guinea Pigs

Cavies are adorable little creatures full of character and personality which means they can keep owners amused for hours. They are also quite easy maintenance which is why they make such ideal children's first pets. Most guinea pigs are very nice natured as long as they are handled gently and taken out of their cages on a daily basis because they really do enjoy all the attention and care they are given.

They bond well with the people they learn to trust and will recognise when anyone is around making all sorts of sweet noises as a way of greeting them. This includes a sort of purring sound and lots of squeaking, especially at meal times. They love companionship and do a lot better when kept with their own kind making sure they are same sex guinea pigs to avoid unwanted pregnancies and fighting.


Although many people squirm at the idea of keeping a rat as a pet, they are among one of the most intelligent rodents on the planet. They can quickly solve a problem especially when food is involved! Rats adore human companionship and will quite happily sit on their owner's shoulder for as long as they are allowed to. They also love to be put through their paces and are brilliant at solving all sorts of puzzles which includes finding their way through a maze in record time.

Rats are incredibly clean by nature and will keep themselves and their environment immaculate which is something many people don't realise about them. However, it's important to keep their cages as clean as possible which means regularly freshening up their environment with new bedding. Rats come in all sorts of colours and boast different length coats with males tending to be a lot friendlier and calmer than their female counterparts, something worth bearing in mind if you are new to keeping these adorable rodents as pets.


Cockatiels make wonderful pets and as long as they are given lots of attention they are usually pretty calm to have around. They are also easy to train which includes teaching them to say lot of things and to sing a few favourite songs. They can be extremely amusing and endearing when they dance along to music. Sharing a home with a cockatiel is a long-term commitment because they boast long life-spans which can be 20 years and upwards when they are well cared for.

These attractive and playful birds form very strong bonds with their owners and are a great choice as a first pet for older kids, but not such a good choice for younger children who might just end up with their fingers getting bitten!

Bearded Dragon Lizards

If you have any sort of allergy to pets with fur, then consider sharing your home with a Bearded Dragon. These lovely lizards make great pets and are normally very gentle by nature which makes it easy to handle them. The great thing about Bearded Dragons is they don't get too big with them typically reaching around 2 feet long when fully mature.

They quickly recognise their owners and respond well whenever they are around them. They can be very endearing with their cute ways of communicating which involves gesturing with their legs as if they are waving and bobbing their heads. These guys may not be furry, but they do enjoy being petted and spending time with a human companion which means they really appreciate being taken out of their environments on a regular basis!


There’s a superb choice of pets around, but some are generally much friendly than others which includes the animals listed above. If you are allergic to pet fur and dander, choosing to share your home with a Bearded Dragon could be an option because they make such wonderful pets, or you might prefer to own a Cockatiel and as long as you have enough time to keep them company, these lovely birds make lovely companions.

There are so many different types of domesticated pets to choose from that it can be overwhelming and confusing to know which one is right for you. Different species have different merits and fit the lifestyles of some potential owners better than others. If you are looking for a good-natured, gentle, fun exotic pet, think about choosing from among these top five. As always, do your best to educate yourself about any new pet before bringing one home and establish a relationship with a veterinarian knowledgeable about the species you have chosen so that he or she can advise you about proper routine and veterinary care.



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