Extraordinary Cat Breeds with Bobbed Tails

Extraordinary Cat Breeds with Bobbed Tails

There's something very special about bobtail cats with the Manx, American and Japanese Bobtails taking centre stage when it comes to looks. However, there are other bobtail breeds around which are also incredibly cute, some have been around for a long time, whereas other breeds are new to the scene and boast quite extraordinary parentage.

The Pixie Bob

Although large in size, the Pixie Bob is an extremely handsome cat and a gentle giant that has won a place in many hearts and homes. These lovely looking bobtail cats are known to be highly intelligent and there's nothing they like more than being taken out for a walk on a lead, much like their canine counterparts. The one thing you need to bear in mind if you decide to share your home with a Pixie Bob is they need to be kept busy with lots of mental and physical exercise, otherwise you might find they plough on the pounds. A healthy Pixie Bob can weigh in at a tremendous 18 lbs so if they get any heavier it's a sign they could be heading towards obesity. With this said they make a wonderful choice as a family pet and would keep you entertained and amused with their antics for hours!

The Kurilian Bobtail

This striking Kurilian Bobtail cat has been around for a very long time, although the breed is a relative newcomer to areas of the world outside of their native Russia. Gentle, intelligent, inquisitive and loyal are just four adjectives that describe this lovely cat to a tee. Interestingly, the breed hails from the Kuril Islands which both Russia and China claim to own and the breed has been documented as far back as 200 years ago. Their gorgeous pom-pom tails really do set them apart from any other of their feline cousins, but their strong looking and robust bodies and beautifully shaped faces also sets them apart from other breeds. They are a wonderful choice as a family pet because they get on so well with children being incredibly laid-back and easy going.

The Highlander

Not only does the Highlander boast a bobtail, but they have quite extraordinarily shaped ears too which really does make the breed stand out from the crowd. Also known as the Highland Lynx, the breed is a newcomer to the scene having first appeared back in 2004. These stunning cats are known to be real clowns and there's nothing they enjoy more than chasing after a toy or two. Although, they only have a bobtail, they have a very dog-like trait which is to wag it just like their canine cousins!

The American Lynx

A relative newcomer to the cat scene, the American Lynx is a stunning looking feline with their short spotted coats and bobtails. The breed was created to resemble a bobcat, hence the coat markings which gives these pussy cats a very “wild” appearance. They can be three different patterns on various colours which includes silver, ebony, fawn, lilac and chocolate to name but a few. On top of this, these gorgeous cats boast beautiful eye colours which can be anything from gold, to green to blue depending on their coats. They are very exotic felines that boast wonderful personalities and temperaments, in short they make superb pets to share a home with bearing in mind they are high energy, active characters by nature.

Desert Lynx Cats

Another relatively new hybrid cat that has a bobtail and resembles a wild bobcat, the Desert Lynx has a lot to boast about. Kind natured yet exotic and wild to look at, these lovely felines were developed by crossing an American Bobcat, Pixie Bob, Manx, Maine Coon, American Lynx. This mix bought about these highly intelligent felines with their stunning coat colours and markings with the Snow Leopard being particularly beautiful. Desert Lynx cats make wonderful pets and are among the few felines that love to play in water whenever they can. However, if you decide to share your home with one, be aware your new found furry friend likes to be kept entertained and not very fond of being left on their own for great lengths of time simply because they are such high-energy, active pussy cats!

Mohave Bob Cats

These lovely looking cats are real newcomers to the world of cats and are a mix of Desert Lynx, Selkirk and Highland Lynx pussy cats. The breed actually boasts four mutations in one cat being the bobtail, the curled back ears, curly coats not forgetting their polydactyl feet. Because of this, these cats have to be carefully bred so only the best traits are passed on to their offspring. They can have superb markings and coat colours, but it's their alert, intelligent personalities that win people over every time. Male cats tend to be larger than their female counterparts, which is pretty normal among the “lynx” type hybrids. If you are looking for an active, energetic cat to share your home with, a Mohave Bob cat might just fit the bill perfectly.


There are some lovely bobtail breeds of cat around with some of them being relatively new to the scene. With more people wanting to share their homes with exotic looking felines, breeders have developed hybrids that really do resemble their wilder cousins whether it's the bobtail cat or the lynx. Many of the newer breeds not only have bobtails, but they boast extraordinary ears and polydactyl toes with wonderful long, short or curly coats and superb markings. It’s their gorgeous traits that have made hybrid and other bobtail cats so popular for decades.

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