First Aid Kit - What to Bring on Holiday

First Aid Kit - What to Bring on Holiday

It’s your pooch’s first big adventure staying away from home,  but you don’t know what you need to bring with you. You’ve got your own human first aid kit, but what are the essentials for your four-legged friend in case they get into difficulties on holiday? Here’s our ultimate list of essential items to take with you on your travels:

The kit:

  • A compact, easy to carry, and waterproof case – a medium sized Tupperware would do!

First aid for wounds:

  • Saline solution – to wash a dirty wound or sore eyes
  • Bandages – both self-adhesive (like Vet Wrap) and conforming (like Steoply) types. To wrap tightly around the wound, (but remember to never keep a bandage on for longer than 24 hours)
  • Non-adhesive absorbent dressings – for use on wounds which have started to heal, but are weeping 
  • Plenty of cotton wool – to cover the absorbent dressing and pad out the bandage
  • Surgical sticky tape – for securing the bandage in place
  • Curved, blunt ended scissors – to cut the bandages to size or off the dog
  • Thick towel – to support your dog, or keep them warm
  • Blanket – can be used as a stretcher for large dogs or to keep your dog warm if they are injured
  • Tourniquet – only to be used as a last resort if you can't stem the bleeding
  • Elizabethan collar (the “cone of shame”) – to prevent your dog getting at the area you are treating and undoing all your handiwork


  • Claw clippers – in case of a broken nail
  • Tweezers – to remove a pesky bee stinger
  • Treats – just as you might be carrying Kendal Mint Cake for yourself, having some high calorie snacks for your dog, in case you get stuck somewhere, is not a bad idea!


  • Any prescription medications – don’t forget to stock up on and pack your pooch’s routine medications to take with you on holiday. This should include any dog friendly painkillers you have at home, such as Metacam.
  • Pheromone therapy - such as Adaptil, to calm your dog in new, strange and potentially scary places. This comes in a variety of forms:
    • Diffusers which plug into the wall
    • Collars for when you are out-and-about
    • Portable spray cans
    • Chewable treats (just don’t forget to watch those calories!)

All these things are essential to carry with you on holiday as part of a first aid kit for your doggy friend. Just remember, if your pooch is injured, it is always best to call the vet as soon as possible for professional advice.This list is purely to keep your pet as comfortable as possible whilst professional help is on the way!

By-line: Ever wondered what you might find in a doggy first-aid kit? Read on to find out how to create your own!



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