Five funky tech gadgets to get for your dog

Five funky tech gadgets to get for your dog


New technological advancements and the ever-growing accessibility of smart tech means that today, apps, gadgets and gizmos are simply part of our daily lives, with a virtually limitless range of potential applications. From fitness trackers to smart button reordering systems to bespoke programmable GPS apps, tech is making inroads into every part of our lives – including the ways we care for our pets.

For dog owners, there are a whole host of fresh and funky tech gadgets on the market that can be used to make caring for our canine companions easier, enhance our experiences, and provide us with useful information and insights into our pets’ lives!

However, there is a fine line between investing in smart tech that provides real value, whether that be entertainment or improvement, and gimmicky gadgets that allow us to keep up with the Jones’s and little else… So for this article, we have hunted down some of the newest and most innovative tech gadgets aimed at dogs and dog owners, to bring you five of the very best that you might want to consider buying. Read on to learn more.

Tracking collars

Losing your dog out on a walk or having your dog zoom out of the front door and head off into the distance can be a heart-stopping moment for any dog owner, but if you have no idea where your dog has gone and don’t know where to start to look, panic can soon take over.

However, GPS tracking collars for dogs are now a thing – which can be really helpful to allow you to locate your dog quickly and accurately without fuss. Tracking devices for dogs either come as complete collars, or attachments for collars, which can be set up and tracked via your PC or a smartphone app.

Then, all you need to do is keep the battery charged and activate the tracker, and you can pinpoint your dog’s location on a real-time interactive map any time they are out of your sight.

Fitness monitors

Fitness monitor bracelets and apps are hugely popular today with people from all walks of life, and such devices also have a wide range of applications for dogs and dog owners too! Devices like the Fitbit can help you to monitor how many steps you walk, how many calories you burn off and generally, how active you are – and there are also programmable collars and other fitness tracking devices for dogs, to help you to get your canine couch potato back to a fighting weight!

Dog-specific fitness monitors and activity trackers can be programmed with your dog’s own details (such as their breed, weight and size) to allow you to plan and track their activity levels and fitness, and keep your dog lean, healthy and fit for life for years to come.

Auto feeding and watering systems

If you aren’t going to make it home for your dog’s dinner time or want to split your dog’s food portions up into smaller allocations for them to snack on throughout the day, an automated feeder might be just the thing.

These programmable smart devices can be pre-set to decant measured portions of food for your dog at set times, or used to automate filling the food bowl remotely if you will be home later than expected.

Automated watering systems for dogs are designed to refill and replenish themselves any time your dog’s bowl is empty, making them perfect for the summer months of the year when dogs need to drink more, and a single bowl of water may not be enough.

Smart toys

Dogs need plenty of toys and things to do to entertain themselves with throughout the day, and a large proportion of this play should be interactive – or involve you as the owner to help to engage your dog and make playing more rewarding.

Smart dog toys are designed to automate playtime and provide feedback and engagement for your dog – as well as taking some of the work out of things, such as with automated ball pitchers and sensor-activated laser chase toys.

Smart toys are no substitute for interactive play with you and/or other dogs – but they can help to enhance the experience, or provide some added engagement during times when you aren’t around to play with and entertain your dog.

Remote interactive systems

Have you ever called up your pet sitter while you were away and asked them to put your dog on the phone, or been stuck in traffic on the way home from work and wished you could let your dog know that you’re on the way and haven’t abandoned them? Well, now you can!

Remote interactive comms systems work a little bit like videoconferencing or entry door monitoring systems, allowing you to remotely view your home and dog, and even speak to them or interact with them via a video link!

Some of the most advanced remote comms systems for dogs and owners even allow you to pre-load the device with treats, and decant them for your dog remotely from anywhere in the world!

Have you invested in a smart tech gadget for your dog? How is it working out for you? Tell us in the comments!

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